Excavation and loading fleet adds new machines

7th February 2020 By: Darren Parker

Excavation and loading fleet adds new machines

CAN YOU DIG IT A fifth SY500 excavator has been added to the mining contractor’s fleet

Mining contractor WEGO Africa added another SANY SY500 excavator to its pre-existing fleet of four, in addition to acquiring two new SANY SY956 front-end loaders, at the end of last year.

The new equipment was transported by road from Johannesburg, in Gauteng, to an iron-ore and manganese mine in Kathu, in the Northern Cape. The orders were placed through heavy equipment supplier Goscor Earth-Moving’s (GEM’s) multifranchise branch, GEM Kathu, which supplies SANY excavators and front-end loaders to the Northern Cape mining industry.

“With manganese and iron-ore being the main minerals mined in Kathu, the robust yet flexible SANY equipment is ideal for this harsh application in an extremely arduous operating environment,” says GEM Kathu administrator Melanie Uys.

GEM sales representative Klinton Kane explains that the benefits of the new machines are not only their being suitable for the harsh working conditions but also the low total cost of ownership, coupled with the high level of productivity.

“For example, there is the option for the client to put a bigger coal bucket on the SY956 front-end loaders when used in the mining environment to increase productivity,” he explains.

Further, Kane notes that the machines’ fuel consumption is competitively low, and as a result, highly efficient.

“The SANY machines are designed to be working 24 hours a day, so over 365 days, the fuel expenditure can be significant. This means that any savings that can be garnered through efficient fuel consumption is valuable to the end-user,” he explains.

The SY500 excavator features an imported 300 kW Isuzu engine and a standard 2.6 m3 bucket. It also includes a fuel tank self-filtration system and a fuel level filter system, thereby ensuring clean fuel. This allows for high fuel adaptability.

An independent heat dissipation system ensures that the optimum temperature of the hydraulic system is maintained in high temperature conditions and while carrying heavy loads.

The 5 t SY956 front-end loader has a 164 kW Cummins engine and a standard 3.2 m3 bucket, which can be alternated with a larger 4.6 m3 coal bucket. Multipoint fuel injection allows for immediate throttle response, enhanced fuel efficiency and reduced noise, while meeting the Tier 3 emission standard.

“The braking system features a full hyd- raulic electronic control parking brake and dual-circuit service brake, which combines manoeuvrability and reliability, ensuring a safe operating experience,” Kane says.

Reinforced structural components are adopted for heavy-duty mining applications, allowing for a service life of up to 10 000 hours.

The 25 MPa high-pressure hydraulic system and main valve of large displacement achieve a high breakout and lifting force, compared with other front-end loaders.

Further, this high-pressure load-sensitive hydraulic system distributes the flow on demand, reducing unnecessary energy loss.

Chinese original-equipment manufacturer (OEM) SANY and GEM provide service support and technical backup for the machines.

“GEM and GEM Kathu management and technical personnel are very proactive and have a hands-on approach. “Any downtime incurred is a major cost factor in mining operations and, therefore, the team will go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that the fleet is operational at all times,” Uys claims.

Meanwhile, GEM Kathu has a full stockholding of essential spares, in addition to two experienced and qualified local technicians, who can be dispatched to site if required. Further, technicians from the Chinese OEM are available in South Africa, working with GEM to provide technical support.

“SANY’s growing footprint in the region is already attracting the attention of other mining operators, owing to their requirement for cost-effective yet durable equipment ideal for African operating conditions,” Uys states.

GEM has exclusive dealership rights for SANY earthmoving and compacting equipment in South Africa. GEM imports the equipment from SANY’s overseas factories for distribution to clients in the local market.

She concludes that, among emerging contractors and junior miners, GEM Kathu’s access to financial support division Goscor Finance provides a notable advantage.