New gas detection sensors available in SA

2nd February 2018

A range of compact gas sensors from gas detection sensor technology developer Figaro is now available for purchase in South Africa through electronics components supplier RS Components (RS).

The company explains that the gas sensors are targeting a range of gas monitoring and detection applications across many industrial sectors. The Figaro range employs multilayer, semiconductor and electrochemical detection methods that are specially optimised for specific gas types.

It points out that key applications include safety, alarms, measurement and control systems, leak detection in refrigeration and gas systems, detection of combustible gases, solvent detection in factories and in air-conditioning systems, and the monitoring of air quality and carbon monoxide.

“The sensor selection covers a range of gases, including carbon monoxide, nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, ammonia, chlorine, hydrogen sulphide, methane, halocarbons, liquid petroleum gas and other combustible gases. The range also covers several air-quality sensors designed to measure the presence of volatile organic compounds, which can often be responsible for ‘sick building syndrome,” it says.

Other products include a series of evaluation modules that are designed to perform the testing of various sensors within the Figaro range to provide an understanding of application performance, gas test boxes and a choice of sensor sockets.

The company has also added several new video inspection cameras and kits from tools manufacturer Laserliner.

RS is also a sole distributor of these complete kits in South Africa, which deliver visual inspection and diagnostic capability to maintenance engineers and technicians working in potentially dangerous environments or in areas that are difficult to reach.

The company explains that the first of the cameras is the VideoFlex G3 Micro and VideoFlex G3 XXL. The cameras offer recordable video inspection with respective 1.5 m and 5 m reinforced feed cables and the 6 mm head Flexcamera.

“These cameras are fully waterproof to IP68 and come with Li-ion batteries, SD cards and hard cases for protection. In addition, the VideoFlex G3 XXL Plus Set comes with both the 1.5 m and 5 m cables and a 9 mm head camera,” it highlights.

RS points out that the cameras are designed for deployment in drains, with the PipeControl LevelFlex Camera offering a 30-m-long cable camera on a reeled metal-framed unit with a 31 mm self-levelling stainless steel camera head. The camera also forms part of the PipeControl LevelFlex Set, which includes the VideoControl Master, a modular and versatile master control unit that offers a high-resolution 5'' liquid crystal display and has been designed for fault-finding applications.

The company explains that the third kit is the BoreScope Camera, which is a straight fixed stainless steel rod 30 cm long with a 4 mm micro IP67-rated camera head. The fourth kit is the Flexi Camera which offers a 2-m-long flexible camera snake with a 4 mm stainless steel IP67-rated camera head.

Both devices are also available as part of the BoreScope Camera Set and Flexi Camera set, which also includes the VideoControl Master control display unit. Further, RS points out that there is the Laserliner device stocked by the company that includes the 20-m-reeled-cable Mobile Camera Unit with a 25 mm stainless steel camera head.

The company concludes that also included in the new Laserliner range is the Centre Scanner Plus, which is a professional drill guide for the reliable determination of entry and exit points when drilling holes in walls and ceilings, with a drilling depth up to 2 m.