New forklift models for South African market

7th February 2020 By: Darren Parker

New forklift models for South African market

RAISING THE BAR The new models of JAC forklifts will enter the South African market this year

Local forklift and compressor distributor Avir is introducing four new Chinese JAC forklift models to South Africa this year.

One of these new models is a special edition 3 t forklift for loading and offloading in steep-gradient conditions.

This model includes a 498 diesel engine that adds about 25% more power, compared with other 3 t forklift models, Avir GM Hitesh Dullabh tells Engineering News.

Other features of the special edition 3 t forklift include an advanced suspension seat, an electro-hydraulic gear lever, a key-stop with no choke, and a USB charging point. The machine also conforms to Euro 3 emissions standards.

Moreover, the company will also add a 3.5 t rough terrain forklift to its stock. This forklift is designed for harsh conditions such as those encountered on farms, as well as construction, mining and logging sites.

The rough terrain machine features a two- or all-wheel drive system, with an advanced suspension seat and safety start up. The rough terrain wheels ensure good traction, while hydrostatic transmission reduces vibration and noise.

A 2.5 t electric forklift will also be made available to South African clients, which is ideal for use in food and beverage warehousing, as well as other internal warehousing applications, where petroleum fumes from engines would be detrimental.

This electric offering features regenerative braking and decelerating functionality, as well as an automatic cut-off, which sets in after five seconds in neutral, thereby preserving battery life. The electric forklift has a three-gear mode, including slow, intermediate and fast.

The company is offering a large 7 t forklift designed for heavy-duty loading and offloading applications.

“Our forklifts are normally standardised; however, we can offer customised units manufactured to client specifications and requirements,” Dullabh says.

The forklifts, manufactured in China, are fully supported locally through Avir. Dullabh notes that the company stocks a diverse range of spares and accessories to ensure that stoppage times are minimised.

He says the company’s vision for 2020 is to expand the brand’s footprint further into South Africa and Southern Africa while expanding its service offering to clients.

“We will soon offer service and maintenance plans for all forklifts, operating and usage monitoring sensors, as well as infrared guidance sensors for use in high-risk areas if required,” Dullabh concludes.