New data logger introduced

29th April 2011

Instrumentation specialist Impact Measurement Solutions reports it has introduced the new 8 bit MicroLog, two-channel data logger.

The device incorporates an internal temperature sensor, as well as an optional external input channel that enables additional data collection and is suitable for use in daily data logging tasks.

Impact Measurement Solutions MD Ken Falconer says that the MicroLog EC600 is user friendly, and offers numerous features. Up to 16 000 samples can be stored in the on-board memory, obtained at a minimum sampling rate of once every second, up to a maximum sampling rate of once every two hours. The device stores the information for up to 30 days. The logger has a clear two-digit, seven-segment liquid crystal display (LCD).

Further, Falconer reports that temperature sensors for the external input channel are available to facilitate collecting additional data between the temperature ranges of –50 ºC and 100 ºC, with cable lengths of 2,5 m and 8 m provided.

The loggers communicate through infrared with a thermal printer, which prints reports, or the collected data can be downloaded into the supporting MicroLab software for analysis.

Meanwhile, a 10 bit Micro-LogPro unit is also available, featuring a higher sampling resol- ution for more accurate readings. It also has increased memory, enabling storage of up to 52 000 samples and includes an enhanced four-digit LCD display.

In the MicroLogPro, humidity and temperature logging abilities are combined, and can also accept a full range of external sensor options.