New couplings perform under rigorous demands

26th January 2024

New couplings perform  under rigorous demands

REXNORD STEELFLEX GRID COUPLINGS BMG’s heavy industrial Rexnord Falk Steelflex couplings are known globally for highly efficient and reliable performance, even in arduous applications. Falk Steelflex couplings have also been proven to minimise downtime – an important factor in determining the total cost of ownership.
Photo by: BMG

Engineering products and services provider BMG offers an extensive range of power transmission components that encompass robust products – from leading components manufacturer Regal Rexnord – that will perform efficiently under rigorous demands in a variety of applications.

Equipment serviceability is a critical factor in maintaining uptime and efficiency in facilities, whether for automotive, mining, agriculture or many other industries, says BMG Power Transmission division business unit manager Gavin Kirstein.

He explains that the BMG team partners with its customers to find dependable solutions to counteract misalignment and contamination to ensure productivity, reduce downtime and extend the service life of components.

“BMG’s Regal Rexnord power transmission components include industrial gear units, low-speed backstops, idlers, couplings, bearings, torque limiters and shaft locking assemblies,” he states.

He elaborates that critical components in this range are Falk Steelflex grid couplings, which have been proven to reduce downtime – an important factor when determining the total cost of ownership.

He adds that couplings are subjected to “enormous pressure” from high-impact loads on conveyors, shredders and mixers in harsh operating environments with vibratory loads on high-speed applications, such as pumps or compressors also capable of causing coupling breakdown.

Kirstein comments that the range’s modular design reduces the number of spare parts required in inventory, citing the fact that it is possible to convert a close coupled design coupling to a full spacer by replacing the standard hubs with shaft and spacer hubs.

He explains that a standard coupling can also be adapted for high speeds with a simple change of the horizontal split cover to a vertical spilt cover, noting that with a few additional components, it is possible to adapt the Falk Steelflex inventory to numerous applications.

Moreover, BMG’s Falk Steelflex grid couplings have been developed to significantly reduce the negative effects of high-impact loads on equipment. These couplings boast a “replace in place” design, eliminating the need to remove or reposition hubs, or re-align shafts, which is required with gear couplings and many elastomer designs. This feature reduces the element change-out time, which is advantageous from a maintenance perspective.

The Steelflex grid couplings offer equipment protection against shaft misalignment. The grid, which is quench and tempered, is free to rock, pivot and float within the hub teeth. This means misalignment capacity is provided, without producing detrimental bearing side-loads created by conventional couplings.

Usually, when subjected to normal or vibratory loads, the grid couplings torsionally deflect, however these couplings offer an enhanced vibration damping and reduce the peak torque by an estimated 30%. They also reduce wear on connected components because they act as shock absorbers for rotary motion, while relying on the predictable resilience of the steel grid for torsional flexibility.

The Falk grid range is available in a variety of sizes with different bore, speed and torque capacities. Various models include high-speed, spacer, flywheel, brake and controlled torque. The couplings have a bore of 508 mm, torque capacity of 932 000 Nm and speeds up to 10 000 rpm, depending on the coupling model and size.

The Falk Steelflex grid features include a tapered T-grid profile that fits smoothly into the hub, ensuring easy installation and maintenance.

The high-strength alloy steel grids are tempered to spring-hardness and precision shot-peened for increased fatigue strength to protect equipment against shock and vibratory conditions.

Further, the durable nitrile seals prevent the loss of lubrication and deter the ingress of water, dust and other materials. Grade 5 cap screws ensure secure fastening of the cover which can be powder coated for resistance to chemicals.

The range offers high torque ratings, low operating costs and extended maintenance periods and, when it is coupled with the Falk Long Term Grease, the lubrication of couplings is not required for up to five years. As it was developed specifically for couplings, this grease will resist the separation of oil and thickening agents that occurs in regular greases.

Other components in the BMG Regal Rexnord range are Falk True Hold low speed backstops and Rexnord Omega and Viva elastomeric greases.