Separators offer versatility and low maintenance

1st December 2017

Compressed air technology, equipment and systems specialist Atlas Copco Compressor Technique’s OSC range of condensate separators for compressed air systems is capable of working with compressor systems that are between 74 cubic feet per minute (cfm) and 4 984 cfm.

There are eight models in the OSC range that use the advanced technology in the form of the oleophilic and active filtration patented process incorporated by Atlas Copco into the design of the OSC range, which enables almost all condensate mixtures to be separated, including most emulsions.

Unlike most other systems, oversizing is unnecessary when faced with synthetic oil- based condensates. The active filtration process also ensures that the condensate separators meet strict environmental regulations.

“Installation requires only a roughly flat surface, the setup is uncomplicated and there are no restrictions on the drain type used upstream of the unit, making this a simple, no fuss and extremely user-friendly unit,” explains Atlas Copco Compressor Technique industrial air division business line manager Charl Ackerman.

He points out that the OSC range offers a series of practical and tangible advantages above and beyond the traditional gravity-based systems. The OSC range has stable separation performance throughout the filter life span, no standing stagnant water, which eliminates health risks, and large capacity chambers that reduce the risk of spillage through blockage or any sudden increases in condensate flow.

He adds that the OSC range has no oil collection bottle, the already separated condensate cannot be ruined in the event of a malfunction and multiple oil condensate can be separated, along with condensate from multiple sources.

“Compulsory regular testing is a thing of the past as the maintenance indicator conveniently tells the customer exactly when to change the filters, which ensures a quick, easy and clean operation,” Ackerman points out.

The design simplicity of Atlas Copco’s OSC range adds value through the delivery of optimum performance, low operational costs and long life for total convenience and customer peace of mind.

Last month, Atlas Copco launched a new range of air compressors for secure integration into utility trucks and other original-equipment manufacturer applications. The 8 Series Utility range has a footprint that is 10% smaller than comparable compressors. In addition, all models weigh below 750 kg, including those with the option of a built-in generator.

“Owing to their small size and light weight, the 8 Series now fits into more vehicle types and can be used in applications, including highway works and crash barrier repair,” explains Atlas Copco Portable Energy division marketing VP Hendrik Timmermans.

All compressors in the 8 Series Utility range feature a robust, corrosion-resistant C3-rated canopy. Reliable, high-performance engines are fitted as standard, which deliver competitive fuel efficiency savings up to 8% against comparable machines. He states that the range consists of four compressors available in flow ranges between 3.7 m3 to 5.4 m3 per minute and working pressures of between 7 bar and 12 bar.

He points out that for added versatility, the compressors can be fitted with Atlas Copco’s Pressure Adjustment through Cognitive Electronics system. This enables users to adjust the air flow and pressure of the compressor to match their specific application needs.

“It’s also possible to turn the compressor into a multifunction machine that delivers both air and power by equipping it with an optional generator. Further, an extra fuel tank is available for end-users requiring a two-shift operation without refuelling doors and requires an oil service just once every two years,” he says.

Timmermans concludes that all consumables within the compressor can be replaced in under an hour. For instance, the use of spin-on filters and separator elements means that no special tools are needed during maintenance.