New chillers and heat pumps with improved performance

23rd March 2018

New chillers and heat pumps with improved performance

IMPROVED PERFORMANCE The York Amichi heat pumps comes with integrated smart equipment technology

The newly launched York Amichi series of chillers and heat pumps in the South African market meets growing demand in the chiller and heat pump mid-capacity segment with its improved performance, says global diversified technology company Johnson Controls Africa GM Neil Cameron.

He points out that the pumps have high levels of efficiency and performance and the smallest footprint across the capacity range on the market, while providing the most efficient fit as a solution for new builds, technology refreshes and retrofits in manufacturing and commercial facilities.

This solution competes with increasingly popular heating, ventilating and air- conditioning variable refrigerable flow (VRF) solutions. “The VRF solutions have a lower price tag but are more complex to install. The York Amichi series brings high performance beyond typical chiller efficiency levels, as well as advanced controls.”

Cameron says the new York Amichi series meets the requirements for the ecodesign regulations for heat pumps, comfort chillers and process chillers through an optimised combination of the York efficiency-enhancing technologies.

“It provides a truly plug-and-play experience, with no need for programming or commissioning tools. “For added flexibility, it comes standard with building automation and control networks, communication protocols. “In addition, an optiview LT 7-inch colour touch screen is fitted on the unit frame, with the additional option of a remote indoor controller accessory.”

He says the series comes with integrated smart equipment technology that allows the equipment to connect seamlessly to a building control systems where smart-enabled equipment self-identify and interoperate.

“The York Amichi series comprises nine packaged models of its cooling- only version, the chillers and nine packaged models of its reversible heat pump version. “The series offers capacities from 45 kW up to 260 kW,” Cameron concludes.