Navigation solution said to add to fleet managers’ toolkit

1st July 2011 By: Mary-Anne O’Donnell

Vehicle tracking company Tracker is partnering with navigation specialists TomTom to introduce TomTom Business Solutions for fleet management.

The fleet offering will go on sale this month, sold as Tracker Fleet, powered by TomTom, and will offer a number of benefits to fleet customers.

Professional navigation on the TomTom Pro device reduces business mileage with its high-definition (HD) Traffic system by helping drivers to avoid traffic-congested areas, which, in turn, saves time and increases productivity, as well as calculates the fastest route to the destination.

Vehicle tracking shows businesses how and when vehicles are used, resulting in increased productivity and improved efficiencies that can prolong vehicle life.

TomTom MD Thomas Schmidt says TomTom monitors more than 600 000 journeys a day and 3,5-million litres of daily fuel consumption, converting to 10 000 t of carbon dioxide a day, which it can help to reduce through the improved operation of fleets.