Nampo Harvest Day allows company to build relationships

12th May 2017 By: Victor Moolman - Creamer Media Writer

Nampo Harvest Day allows company to build relationships

DODGE GEARBOX Bearings International will be showcasing some of Dodge’s gearbox offerings

Owing to the agriculture market becoming more technologically advanced, bearings supplier Bearings International (BI) says attending the Nampo Harvest Day will allow the company to build the necessary relationships within the sector.

“[Economic] growth is important, but, [that said], so too are the relationships and meeting customers that Nampo offers. At BI, we believe in customer relationships and Nampo is an ideal way to meet with all our clients in a relaxed environment to discuss some of the challenges faced and offer solutions to these challenges,” says BI CEO Burtie Roberts.

As a result, he notes that BI will showcase the product offerings that support the agriculture industry at its stand in Nampo Hall 45 and 46, from belts for vehicles, transmission products for motors and chains for drives to bearings, couplings, electric motors, tools and many other products.

Roberts says that BI also provides advice on keeping farming equipment operating at optimum efficiency, in addition to outlining the most proactive maintenance procedures to increase the life span of equipment.

“We show what the industry uses and needs; as we see demand change and new products become available, we offer these to the market. The show is about offering what we have, understanding some of the needs that may not be met and finding solutions for these needs,” he explains.

With over 75 000 visitors setting a new attendance record at Nampo last year, BI business unit head Ross Trevelyan says the show is an ideal place to also educate its customers on the benefits and advantages of standardising its extensive product range.

“We are far more than a product supplier – we also focus on offering our customers in the agriculture community a total solution for their specific needs,” explains Trevelyan.

Further, he explains that the agriculture sector is under increasing pressure to cut costs and improve productivity, owing to the recent drought and the changing political climate. BI has made its product line available to help its customers reduce their downtime and boost productivity.


n display at the BI stand at the Nampo Harvest Day show are products from bearings and shaft-mounted-gearbox supplier Dodge, power tool manufacturer Makita, hand cleaner and degreaser manufacturer Citronol, electric motor manufacturer Bauer and bearings and transmission components manufacturer KML.