Future of mining revealed

9th October 2020

Future of mining revealed

Sandvik's fully autonomous AutoMine Concept vehicle

The next generation of intelligent technologies was demonstrated at the Innovation in Mining Virtual Event, hosted by Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology in September.

The fully working and autonomous AutoMine Concept vehicle is based on the latest technologies and is equipped with new sensing capabilities and artificial intelligence, aimed at enhancing mining operations. The AutoMine Concept is designed to perceive its surroundings and environment in 3D and react to it in real-time.

The new technologies allow vehicles to adapt and plan their own routes and to find the most suitable paths, even in continuously changing environments. The obstacle detection, collision avoidance and 3D online mapping capabilities improve adaptability and increase flexibility. In addition, the vehicle has a new industrial design without a cabin and with built-in components promising high reliability and productivity.

The AutoMine Concept was launched as the world’s first fully autonomous underground mining machine built specifically for automation. Sandvik asserts that its concept vehicle allows for ease-of-use, effectiveness of asset utilisation and adaptability, resulting in higher productivity.

The platform is said to be a foundation for using the company’s AutoMine technology in various equipment types and can be applied to any vehicle, allowing for equipment design that is optimised for its primary production tasks. Furthermore, being fully battery-electric, it drives sustainability in mining without carbon emissions.