Merger completed in thermal application sector

11th August 2017 By: Tasneem Bulbulia - Creamer Media Reporter

Merger completed in thermal application sector

BRINGING THE HEAT The new subsidiary will allow for consultation on and engineering of thermal application systems to client requirements

Export-orientated engineering company Loesche Group has completed the merger of its combustion systems and drying systems businesses into one central location.

Completed in April, the group has built a team of specialists to manage the merger accordingly, as all technical details, drawings, specifications and the required specialists have been shifted to Loesche in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Both businesses have merged to form Loesche Thermal Application Solutions, which comprises the consulting and engineering of thermal application systems as well as the engineering, design and supply of both combustion and drying systems.

“The engineering, design and supply section includes the design and manufacturing of hot-gas generation with a steel combustion chamber or fully refractory-lined chamber that includes fuel supply and control cabinets as turnkey systems,” says Loesche Thermal Applications salesperson and proposal engineer Jan Schröder.

He adds that other equipment such as burner systems for standard fuels like gas, light or heavy oil; burner systems for solid fuel combustion; burner systems for blast furnace or coke oven gas; fuel supply systems like gas-value-trains, pumpstations or dust dosing systems; as well as complete thermal process plants are also manufactured, engineered and designed by Loesche Thermal Application Solutions.

By uniting its core competencies in the thermal applications sector, Loesche Group aims to strengthen its market position globally.

Schröder indicates that the new subsidiary is especially relevant for the South African market, where Loesche has successfully commissioned hot-gas generators (HGG) in various applications.

“For South Africa, this means that our subsidiary in the country will provide customers with highly efficient solutions wherever the generation of process heat is needed.”

Schröder mentions that the high expectation of quality products and services motivate the group to develop its technology and competence constantly.

Further, Schröder says pooling marketing, project management, buying, processing technology and proactive development, as well as an individual burner test facility at the in-house test centre, in Düsseldorf, contribute to ensuring that the new subsidiary meets various clients’ requirements in different industries, facilitating the consulting and engineering of thermal application systems.

Moreover, he points out that Loesche has sold more than 642 HGG since 1960 globally. “That means there is a lot of experience within the group from which the industry can benefit. Another point is the experience in engineering and delivering high-quality plant solutions so that we can reduce the time until order to delivery. We use our purchasing department for global sourcing, so that our offers will be even more competitive.”

For Loesche SA, the company has successfully commissioned HGG in various applications such as the cement, sulphuric acid, phosphates and steel furnace industries to the customers’ requirements.

Loesche SA also provides a complete engineering solution if required. With the supply of a Loesche vertical roller mill, the HGG complements the mill and is an important, intricate piece of equipment. This allows Loesche SA to achieve the client’s guaranteed mill throughput and product requirements to local industry standards.

Loesche SA abides by the local industry health and safety requirements when designing the gas circuits to ensure that the equipment will operate efficiently without posing unnecessary dangers. Professional maintenance services and solid engineering has allowed Loesche SA to supply equipment fit for the local environment, allowing the capital expenditure to work efficiently for the designed life span of the plant.