Mara Phones already exporting to over 43 countries globally

29th November 2019

Following the Official opening of Mara Phones in Kigali, Rwanda and Durban, South Africa, Mara Phones announces it has exported to over 43 countries.

Mara Phones factories in Kigali and Durban manufacture high quality smartphones at affordable prices. Mara Phones is committed to building industrial capacity on the African continent and is already making inroads in international markets. Currently exporting to over 43 countries, marking a huge milestone for the company and is testament to the global appeal of Mara Phones.

The highest number of orders for Mara Phones comes from Europe and the USA. This validates the company’s strategy to be an African brand and product that can be recognised on a global level. Mara Phones focuses on the smartphone growth in Africa while enabling access to transformational tools and services. Mara Phones is a digital enabler for financial inclusion, an integral piece to ensuring everyone has access to financial services and products, in particular women.

Agricultural efficiencies facilitate the best use of resources in a cost effective manner. Online business tools and services are vital on a continent with such a young population, equipping them with digital business tools to start-up and grow successful businesses.

Digital health is a vital aspect of prosperity on the continent, giving access to many communities through diagnostic and preventative tools. Education, is the foundation to enabling and retaining a skilled workforce, a high quality smartphone can deliver global education through the device, which enables all demographics to access and benefit from online education.

Mara Phones is the first truly African made smartphone at an affordable price, encompassing durability and of very high quality. The manufacturing business is set up to a global standard and will employ a diverse group of employees thus creating an inclusive environment, whilst reducing unemployment rates. Mara Phones has launched two models, the Mara X and Mara Z.

The first two models are affordable and have a long-lasting battery, immense storage space and a 2-year Android version update delivered through a strong partnership with Google and its Android One Program.

Mara X and Mara Z are currently available on the Mara Phones website and in Mara Phones Experience stores as well as through strategic partnerships with network operators and retailers.