Manufacturer introduces cordless cutoff technology

1st April 2016 By: Malusi Mkhize - journalist

Manufacturer introduces cordless  cutoff technology

A FIRST The STIHL TSA 230 is the world’s first cordless cut-off machine with a 230 mm cutting wheel

Power equipment manufacturer STIHL has developed what it says is the world’s first cordless cutoff machine that has a 230 mm cutting wheel for both indoor and outdoor cutting requirements.

The STIHL TSA 230 is carbon emission- free compact and lightweight. The company introduced the machine to the South African market in the second quarter of 2015, launching it as a greener alternative to petrol-powered variants.

“The TSA 230 weights 5.6 kg including the STIHL AP 300 battery, which enables it to be manoeuvrable and, therefore, provide greater accessibility in the working environment, owing to its cordless technology” says STIHL business development manager Werner Nuss.

According to the German manufacturer, these qualities also make it suitable for use in structural civil engineering and pipelaying projects and applications. Owing to its unique design, the STIHL TSA 230 can also be applied in roofing, construction and interior decorating projects.

The STIHL TSA 230 is capable of cutting steel, metal, concrete, bricks and roof tiles up to 70 mm in thickness.

Further, the machine can also be used for both dry and wet cutting applications. It has a standard water connection with a quick- release coupling that allows it to be converted for wet cutting applications. It can, therefore, operate in wet weather conditions as electrical components are protected from moisture.

An optional vacuum attachment enables dust-free cutting making the STIHL TSA 230 ideal for indoor jobs. It is also equipped with on-board water control that helps to suppress dust created during cutting, while a tool-less wheel lock prevents blade rotation when removing the wheel bolt.

The machine uses a STIHL AP 36 V 300 battery that includes the company’s lithium-ion technology, coupled with an electronically controlled motor. The company notes that the cutoff machine can cut up to 48 clay tiles depending on the battery being used as well as the cutting condition.

Nuss tells Engineering News that the electronically controlled motor in the STIHL TSA 230 requires low maintenance, subsequently, reducing downtime and service costs.

The batteries and charges in the STIHL modular cordless system are universally usable across all STIHL cordless power tools.

As a company, STIHL was established in 1926 and named after Andreas Stihl, who designed and hand-built the first-ever chainsaw, which weighed about 65 kg.