Manufacturer innovates for energy, growing industries

2nd June 2023 By: Cameron Mackay - Creamer Media Senior Online Writer

Manufacturer innovates for energy, growing industries

LOCAL SKILLS CONTRIBUTION AESSEAL’s emphasis on training is crucial to ensuring proper installation, maintenance and operation of the company’s mechanical seals

The ongoing energy supply crisis in South Africa has put the spotlight on the importance of reliable and efficient renewable-energy systems, and the role of the mechanical seal industry in supporting this need, states mechanical seals technology provider AESSEAL marketing manager Jana Britz.

As the demand for more sustainable and efficient solutions continues to increase in the energy sector in South Africa, the mechanical seal industry will play a vital role in supporting this transition, Britz stresses.

She emphasises a growing demand in the mechanical seals market for advanced sealing solutions that can help to improve the performance and reliability of energy equipment and systems.

“This includes the use of mechanical seals in coal slurry, steam turbines and boiler feed pumps, which can help prevent leaks and reduce energy waste. AESSEAL’s expertise in mechanical sealing technology positions the company to meet this demand and support the growth of the market going forward.”

“AESSEAL’s NetZero drive aligns with the global drive towards carbon neutrality, offering customers a complete package that includes a mechanical seal, bearing protection and energy efficient drive, reducing the overall energy consumption of their equipment.”

To capitalise on opportunities for growth in the energy market, Britz states that AESSEAL will continue to invest in research and development (R&D) to offer innovative products that meet the requirements of the African market.

The company will also focus on developing strong partnerships with local companies to provide “the best possible service to customers”.

Consequently, the company will be poised to become a key player in the renewable-energy sector throughout Africa, supporting the drive towards carbon neutrality through its NetZero initiatives, while driving business growth.

Innovation and Alternative Markets

Britz says local growth opportunities in the country’s mining and water sectors abound, with the company having a “strong track record and established customer base”.

She also highlights a growing demand for advanced sealings systems in the oil and gas industries, as companies are looking for ways of improving efficiencies, reducing costs and meeting increasingly stringent environmental regulations.

The company expects these industries to continue presenting growth potential as demand for minerals and energy increases.

There are also additional opportunities for AESSEAL to develop into industries such as the food and beverage, and pharmaceutical industries where strict hygiene and safety standards make reliable sealing solutions essential.

One innovative solution of the company is its using advanced materials and coatings to improve sealing performance and reduce friction and wear.

“AESSEAL has been at the forefront of this trend, developing innovative products, such as the LabTecta 66 bearing protector, which uses a unique polymer matrix to provide superior protection against contamination and lubricant loss. The company conducts R&D at its state-of-the art technology centre, in the UK,” adds Britz.

Training Benefits

AESSEAL places significant importance on training, which is crucial to ensuring proper installation, maintenance and operation of the company’s mechanical seals.

“The demand for training from the local market is high, and the company, consequently, offers a variety of training programmes. Advances in sealing technology have also necessitated improvements in the training offered, as newer products require different installation and maintenance procedures,” says Britz.

She describes the company’s online training portal – ADVANCE – as an essential component of the company’s training offering, as it allows for remote training and access to training materials at any time. The portal also offers training for new and experienced engineers.

Britz stresses that AESSEAL’s offering in this regard is an important aspect of the company’s role and contribution to the local market.

It received accreditation on February 8 this year from the Energy and Water Sector Education and Training Authority to offer training for maintaining dynamic seals in machinery and equipment.

“This training is aligned with the South African Qualifications Authority framework, and upon completion learners will receive three national credits towards any formal qualification. It’s worth noting that AESSEAL is the only mechanical seal company in South Africa that currently offers this training.”

The training can also contribute to a company’s broad-based black economic-empowerment (BBBEE) scorecard.

Britz adds that customers can claim 100% of their spend with AESSEAL towards the skills development portion of their BBBEE scorecard.

Customers can also claim for discretionary funding from their sector education and training authority, as AESSEAL’s programmes are now regarded as part of the critical skills training programmes.

Britz states that the company is aiming to expand its local market share and strengthen its position as a leading supplier of mechanical seals and solutions.

“Long-term goals include investing in R&D to develop innovative new products and solutions, and expanding operations into other African countries where we target establishing ourselves as a leading supplier of mechanical seals and solutions,” she concludes.