Manica Namibia completes first use of new hopper, bagging system

22nd January 2021 By: Tasneem Bulbulia - Creamer Media Reporter

Manica Namibia completes first use of new hopper, bagging system

Nectar hopper and bagger system

Logistics and marine services provider Manica Group Namibia recently invested in an advanced mobile hopper and bagging system and has successfully completed the first use of this equipment.

The bagging plant allows for products to be shipped in bulk and bagged at the destination, quayside. The Nectar hopper and bagger system is an advanced mobile bagging system and is designed to be completely self-contained.

Each unit contains two bagging lines with built-in scales.

The mobile design allows for the movement of the facility between berths or even different terminals.

Shortly after the commissioning of the plant in December 2020, the group welcomed the first shipment of 20 000 t of sulphur from Ruwais, in the United Arab Emirates, shipped on the vessel Egret Bulker.

The discharge process started early on January 13.

The sulphur was lifted with grabs from the ship holds and deposited into the bagging plant hopper. The sulphur was bagged, weighed, transported and stored successfully.

Walvis Bay Stevedoring managed the discharge and reached an average of 1 500 bags a shift, while Rennies Transport handled all transport of the bags from the quayside to the Rennies Warehouse.

Ocean Liner Services assisted with all ships’ agency requirements and Woker Freight Services handled all clearance and customs formalities.

The bagged sulphur is ultimately designed for the Zambia Copperbelt.