Brady provides automatic label formatting

31st August 2018

Power distribution system supplier Magnet Group is dedicated to enhancing its extensive range of electrical equipment, industrial instrumentation and automation systems to meet market requirements.

Magnet Group MD Brian Howarth says the team is committed to helping customers create and maintain a safer work environment and to comply with regulatory standards. “It is critical that all products, components and materials are clearly labelled for easy identification and to ensure a safe workplace.”

For this reason, he notes that the company has introduced a new high- performance, portable Brady label printer that produces identification labels which stick on clean, rough, oily and powdered surfaces and remain legible when exposed to extreme temperatures, chemicals, abrasion and pressure.

The hand-held Brady BMP 21-PLUS label printers provide automatic label formatting for wire wraps, terminal blocks, patch panels, cable flags and general banner labels. It is fitted with a drop-lock-and-go cartridge and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and protected by a rubber casing, which can withstand a fall from up to 2 m, without damage being caused to the printer.

The printer can also serve as an ergonomic cutter and label grabber for holding the label after cutting, preventing it from falling. Thereafter, a heavy-duty magnet accessory and lanyard enable hands-free printing. This device is available with seven durable continuous materials, in widths from 6 mm to 38.10 mm.

This system has a three-line light- emitting diode that provides clear visibility, an Associated Builders and Contractors keypad, graphics library and menu functions for fast label creation. There are special symbols for electric, smart home, safety and datacom applications.

Moreover, PermaSleeve heat-shrink wire and cable markers have fade- resistance and flame-retardant features. Self-laminating wire and cable wraps are suitable for data cables and wires that are handled or moved frequently. Nylon cloth wire and cable wraps are highly pliable and conform to tightly curved surfaces.

Other material, like the polyester strips, are suited for flat, smooth surfaces and are ideal for component marking. These high-performance strips withstand numerous solvents and variable temperatures and are available in a white and transparent finish, in 6.40 m lengths. The breaker box labelling feature provides clear identification of a distribution box, even when there are multiple modules of various widths and different materials.

Narrow nylon cloth label strips, with black on white print, are designed for alignment on terminal blocks. Nylon and vinyl strips for patch panel marking can also be used. This system prints permanent port identification with user- specified spacing, when using the patch panel mode in the industry.

A special range of vinyl is suitable for general industrial marking. It is durable, grease and oil resistant and adheres to irregular, rough and curved surfaces. The average expected outdoor life of this product is between eight and ten years, in temperatures between –40 ºC and –+82 ºC. Magnet recommends a polyester cover laminate be used in harsh environments where the label is exposed to long-term wind and rain.

Brady BMP 21-PLUS label printers, as well as PermaSleeve, offer a technical advisory and support service throughout the country.

Hensel Range

In addition to the Brady label printer, Magnet has recently been appointed as distributor for the Hensel range of electrical installation and power distribution for facility equipment of buildings.

This range enhances the company’s position in the distribution of electrical energy in the low voltage sector. It meets the new IEC 61439-2 standards for the construction of switchgear assemblies and has an IP65 protection rating against dust and water and Class II protection.

Howarth says dusty and humid environmental conditions place high demands on electrical installations. For this reason, it is critical that only products of the highest quality are selected and professionally fitted in electrical installations.

The DK cable junction boxes, which form part of the Hensel range, are suitable for use in normal environments as well as protected outdoor areas, as they are water- proof, fireproof, insulated and resistant to corrosion, chemicals and ultraviolet. This means they can be used in harsh environments.

The Junction box, part of the Hensel range, is also compact and user-friendly, with cable entry covers and FIXCONNECT plug-in terminal technology for PE/N. This KV series is flame retardant and self extinguishing.

With this range, cable entry takes place through the integrated elastic membranes in box walls. It has a push-in seal, with an IP66 degree of protection and is known as a ENYCASE DK cable junction box. A restraining strap prevents the lid from falling and external brackets are used for secure fastening. The ENYCASE DK cables are made from polycarbonate, with multi-level knockouts for cable glands in different sizes.

A cable gland, with multi- level knockouts, can be set after removing the elastic membrane and extension ring. This Hensel junction box has been designed with more space for wiring, two clamping units per hole and each pole allows the connection of various conductor types and cross sections.

Magnet’s Hensel range, which includes cable junction boxes, distribution boards, electrical enclosures and cable entry is manufactured in Germany to stringent quality and safety specifications.