LYC bearing range available from ISO Bearings in September

4th August 2017

LYC bearing range available from ISO Bearings in September

With changes in South Africa’s economic landscape forcing many companies to increase their prices to meet their bottom line goals, bearings supplier ISO Bearings has remained undeterred, continuing to provide flexible pricing solutions that assist its customers in meeting business objectives.

The company’s newest offering is a product range from bearings manufacturer LYC, which was launched in South Africa at ISO Bearings’ ten-year anniversary celebration in May. The LYC bearing range is a unique brand because of the high quality it offers at a lower price than traditional “A” brand bearings in South Africa.

This new range will be particularly beneficial to the locomotive industry, as bearings, as well as rail wheels and axles, are among the most fundamental elements of railroading. The efficiency of railroading, however, depends on how well these elements work together – which is affected by the cost, and in turn, the quality of the required bearing.

ISO Bearings GM Bennie van Niekerk explains that, for many years, the bearing industry has had two distinctive market shares: the “A” category, featuring top-quality bearings at a high premium, and the “B” category, which mostly consists of low- priced bearings from China.

“The LYC Bearing range levitates this Chinese brand to an “A” category product, bridging the gap between the two traditional categories and providing a significant price benefit without having to compromise with a lower-quality product,” enthuses ISO Bearings managing member Rob Baylis, who brings more than 46 years’ experience to the company.

ISO-branded products are well established in the African market and distributed through a wide network of distributors and agents. The addition of the LYC range will help the company to access new markets and meet the need for a reliable and cost-effective product.

As a globally represented brand in the retail sector and among original-equipment manufacturers, and with more than half a century of experience in manufacturing bearings, LYC prides itself on understanding the needs of the bearings industry.

The company holds more than 100 patents and develops more than 8 500 new products yearly, thanks to its research and development centre, as well as its Bearing Test Centre, located in the Henan Science and Technology Park, in the Luolong district of China.

LYC is an approved supplier to industry leaders in more than 70 countries, providing full solutions for design development and production, as well as serving in the railway, agriculture, commercial and industrial arenas.

Initial availability of the LYC range in South Africa will include deep-groove ball bearings with an inside diameter ranging from 10 mm to 50 mm. Other bearing type offerings to follow include self-aligning ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings – available in single, double and four rows - spherical roller bearings and split spherical roller bearings.

Also on offer will be needle roller bearings, angular contact ball bearings, taper roller bearings – available in single, double and four rows, thrust ball bearings which are available in single and double directions, as well as angular thrusts. Thrust roller bearings will be available in cylindrical, taper and spherical thrusts, as well as hub units, and a range of other items.

LYC sources its material exclusively from qualified steel mills and oversees the manufacturing process from forging to turning, heat treatment, grinding, assembling and finished products. This ensures that clients have the most reliable products in the shortest possible delivery time.

Maintaining ISO standards 9001:2000 and 14001:2004, as well as OHSM 18001 certifications, moreover, assures customers of LYC’s commitment to quality.

The company also prides itself on the efficient support services it offers on its range of products. Van Niekerk highlights that the telephonic assistance provided for customers by LYC, as well as fast collections and adherence to delivery requirements, will enable ISO Bearings to provide customers with the best possible service.

“We pride ourselves on regular stock procurement and replenishment, resulting in short lead-times and excellent stock availability.

We are confident that our relationship with LYC will ensure that this remains a signature part of our operations,” Van Niekerk enthuses.