Locally designed shower mixer offers significant water savings

29th June 2022

Locally designed shower mixer offers significant water savings

The Triton Xerophyte shower mixer is designed to save water

An extensive trial in the Kruger National Park recently found that a South African designed shower mixer saves 30% water compared to control showers. Savings were found to increase to 50% in winter, when ambient temperatures drop. The results from the study have recently been published in the Royal Society of Chemistry’s journal Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology.

The Triton Xerophyte is said to offer a revolutionary solution to reduce water wastage, with the shower mixer designed to draw hot water towards the mixer without any wastage. This means that below-temperature water does not have to be wasted before the mixer is ready to use it. An audible alarm alerts the user when the shower has reached the desired temperature. The innovation is said to be the first shower mixer to save water, as previous measures were limited to reducing shower head water flow.

The product’s water-saving technology was developed by a group of conservation-minded South African scientists. Working with UK shower manufacturer, Triton Showers, the technology was integrated into one of the company’s premium shower mixers. The outcome was a conservation-focused product which still incorporates all the functions, convenience and luxury of a premium digital shower mixer. Manufactured in the UK by Triton Showers, the Triton Xerophyte is backed by the company’s quality standards and long-standing reputation as a leading shower brand. The name was derived from the xerophyte succulent plant species that is adapted to survive in an environment with very little water.

To further enhance water-savings, the Triton Xerophyte features a convenient and simple pause/restart function, allowing users to temporarily halt the water flow to attend to soaping, shampooing and other typical mid-shower rituals. It automatically responds to flow or temperature fluctuations to protect against sudden temperature changes if a different tap is opened simultaneously. To motivate users to further save water, the system enables users to pre-set shower duration, sounding a warning 30 seconds before the end of the session.

The Triton Xerophyte is available through local partnerships and retailers in South Africa.