Local consulting company helps turn failing businesses around

9th May 2022

Local consulting company helps turn failing businesses around

Fully black-owned holding company KMN Investment Holdings seeks to identify investment opportunities to manage investments in wholly-owned, subsidiary, or joint-venture companies. Its consulting arm, KMN Consulting, provides services to companies in all business sectors.

KMN Consulting offers unparalleled business expertise and service excellence and is ready to work with you to grow your business. 

KMN Consulting is able to provide business owners with assistance with their business strategy, helping businesses that are on the verge of collapse to turn their business around.

KMN Investment Holdings is a 100% owner of KMN Consulting, who are experts at turnaround strategies that can help to save your company before it becomes a more serious problem, resulting in business rescue or liquidation. KMN Consulting Managing Director Kaizer Nyatsumba, who was the Chief Executive Officer of SEIFSA for almost eight years, holds a PhD in Business Management, with turnaround strategy being his area of expertise. In SEIFSA’s 80 years, he remains the only black person to have been CEO of that organisation.

A former newspaper editor, Dr Nyatsumba has also worked in various sectors of the economy, including the petrochemical industry and the fast-moving consumer goods sector.

KMN Consulting offers consulting services in a wide range of areas, including:

If your products or services are losing market share and your reputation is taking a beating, contact KMN Consulting to assist you to turn things around.

Dr Nyatsumba said a turnaround strategy is a series of deliberate business steps that need to be taken to arrest a company’s decline and to return it to growth, and that it  has to follow an accurate diagnosis of the causes of business decline and address those causes.

“Some companies end up being placed in business rescue or even being liquidated when they could have been helped to arrest the decline. It takes a particular kind of leader to be able to implement a business turnaround successfully. With our expertise and considerable business experience, we at KMN Consulting can make that difference,” Dr Nyatsumba said.

KMN Consulting can help you when your business is facing a crisis of any kind as it has the expertise to help you.  Don’t waste another minute – give us a call now for a quote.