Contractor invests in latest equipment

17th April 2015 By: Pimani Baloyi - Creamer Media Writer

Contractor invests in latest equipment

SECRET TO SUCCESS Lovemore boasts effective fleet management, experienced drivers and positive relationships with road authorities

As part of its attmpt to invest in the best internationally recognised modern equipment for the Southern Africa market, local heavy-lifting equipment logistics contractor Lovemore Brothers (Bros) in December invested in a new R3.85-million hydraulic boom gantry that boasts the latest innovative lifting safety system and a lifting capacity of 350 t.

The hydraulic gantry was designed with safety and versatility in mind, integrating Lovemore’s experienced and trusted engineering and design. This enables it to perform well under demanding conditions, says Lovemore Bros director Bruce Lovemore.

The company also recently invested in a 45 t container handler that adds to its latest equipment acquisition. The new container handler has a robust and compact design, powerful container handling and excellent manoeuvrability.

These acquisitions form part of the company’s investment over the years in First World specialised equipment, including extendable trailers, hydraulic boom gantries and container handling machinery, offering local clients the latest in-house equipment.

“Our goal is to provide clients with a single point of contact, providing peace of mind by taking responsibility for all the various logistics tasks required to successfully deliver the project,” Lovemore tells Engineering News.

He adds that the versatility of specialised equipment is crucial for the company, as well as having a fleet range that suits clients’ needs.

Lovemore Bros’ extendable trailers are ultra-modern, low-deck units, boasting versatile automatic hydraulic rear-steer capabilities to negotiate tight corners safely. The trailers also have the option of remote manual control for conditions where precision is required.

Lovemore states that part of the company’s success since being established in 1988 can be attributed to “excellent fleet management, highly experienced operators and good relationships with road authorities”.

“A lot of preparation, planning and coordination between authorities is needed when handling logistics operations,” he adds.

Recent Projects
Lovemore highlights that the company completed a project in March, which involved moving 40 t, 18-m-long locomotives, for State-owned rail company Transnet. in collaboration with China-based Zhuzhou Electric Locomotives Company, from the Durban harbour to Pretoria.

Further, Lovemore Bros’ heavy rigging division in January uplifted, staged and placed a new 10 gravure printer – imported from Germany for a packaging technologies company in Durban – from the Durban port to Lovemore Bros’ warehouse, in Durban. The company then transported the printer to the packaging technologies company’s facility, in Pinetown, where the company did the final positioning and assembling of the units.