Lightweight window cleaner developed for industry

2nd November 2018 By: Halima Frost - Reporter

Lightweight window cleaner developed for industry

BETTER SQUEEGEE The handheld steam and vacuum window washer is available from Kärcher

Cleaning equipment manufacturer and supplier Kärcher Industrial’s Window Vac Professional 10 (WVP 10 Adv) is now available to the South African market following the good reception received by participating contract cleaners, retailers and prospective clients in its test samples.

Having made the announcement in August, the company notes that the WVP 10 Adv is a more robust industrial version of its household window vacuum system. It uses detergent and steam, with the vacuuming process removing more germs and bacteria than conventional cleaning.

“The WVP 10 Adv offers a lightweight, hygienic and practical solution to manual cleaning, leaving surfaces streak free and without residue,” says Kärcher professional sales manager Dean Fairley.

The window vacuum system is suited to industrial window cleaning, building maintenance service providers, public and healthcare facilities and restaurants. The WVP 10 Adv has a 200 mℓ dirty water tank that can be used on vertical and horizontal smooth surfaces, including glass and tile as well as tables and doors.

The WVP 10 Adv is supplied with two fast-charging lithium-ion batteries, each capable of running the machine for up to 30 minutes and cleaning about 110 m2. The lightweight WVP 10 Adv can be used with one hand, and the on/off switch is conveniently placed on the handle for ease of use. A light-emitting diode display above the switch informs the user of the remaining energy available on the battery, allowing for timeous recharge.

Kärcher supplies the WVP 10 Adv with a detergent suited to the cleaner, which increases the cleaning effect of the machine. All dirty water taken in by the vacuum is deposited in the tank, which is easily detachable and can be cleaned using water or in a dishwasher.

“Kärcher hopes that the new innovation will replace manual cleaning methods with a more hygienic and time-saving option,” concludes Fairley.