Leopard Lock

24th January 2020

Leopard Lock

The Leopard Lock from DPS March is the ultimate container lock, significantly mitigating the risk of transporting goods.

Since 2010, more than 250 000 containers and trailers have been secured by the Leopard Lock, with an average of over 2 000 containers and trailers secured a month in Southern Africa.  

Lock Specifications

The Leopard Lock’s unique, patented design includes the following characteristics:

Satellite Tracking

A Global System for Mobile communication (GSM)-tracking unit is fitted within the lock and is protected by a unique housing system.  The lock can be fitted to a closed-body truck, trailer, rail wagon or sealed cargo container, enabling real-time GSM tracking of cargo from loading point to destination.

24/7 tracking is conducted at a 5-minute polling frequency for up to 40 days, or longer if the polling frequency is increased.

Control Centres

Leopard Locks are continuously monitored by dedicated tracking teams situated in a number of secure control centres, with specialist armed reaction teams on standby to respond to cargo theft or hijacking alerts.

Rapid Reaction Team

A network of teams is strategically situated at key ports and locations across South Africa, supported by 24/7 standby helicopter emergency services.

Peace of Mind

Leopard Lock is recommended by insurers and underwriters, with preferential rates available for Goods in Transit and 3rd Party Liability insurance premiums.  

Cargo can be pinpointed in transit at any time of day or night and tailored daily progress reports are available, giving clients the reassurance that cargo is being securely transported across Africa.