Larger incline screen delivered for growing sand mine

27th October 2023 By: Halima Frost - Senior Writer

Larger incline screen delivered for growing sand mine

UPPING PRODUCTIVITY The new Chieftan 2200 mobile incline screen in action at the Jongiliziwe sand mine, in Sasolburg

A new Chieftain 2200 mobile inclined screen was delivered in August by mining equipment supplier ELB Equipment to the Jongiliziwe sand mine, in Sasolburg, in the Free State.

Manufactured by mobile crushing, screening and conveying equipment company Powerscreen, the Chieftain 2200 replaces a Powerscreen Warrior 600 mobile screen, which ELB Equipment supplied to the mine in July 2022.

The need for a larger, more powerful screening system can be attributed to the Jongiliziwe mine being one of the fastest-growing building material suppliers in Gauteng, according to ELB Equipment.

The Chieftain 2200 offers a substantial increase in screening capacity, compared to its predecessor, says ELB Equipment mining and marketing divisional director Wakefield Harding.

“While the Warrior 600 typically screened plaster sand, doing 100 t/h, the Chieftain 2200 averages an impressive 425 t/h using 3 mm stainless steel piano wire,” he explains.

In addition, the Chieftain 2200 peaks at about 500 t/h, highlighting its enhanced screening efficiency and productivity.

It also offers significant efficiency and eco-friendly advantages, while ELB Equipment has also supplied the mine with a Powerscreen CT75R radial stacking conveyor, and a 978-series, wheeled front-end loader from construction equipment manufacturer Lovol.

The conveyor enhances Jongiliziwe’s materials handling and stockpiling tasks, improving operational productivity.

The Lovol front-end loaders are designed for fuel efficiency, reducing costs and environmental impact.

“By providing these advanced and eco-conscious machines, ELB Equipment ensures enhanced productivity while prioritising fuel savings and a reduced carbon footprint, aligning with sustainable practices in the mining industry,” Harding emphasises.

ELB Equipment offers “top-notch” aftersales service to which the company pays “special attention”.

“Our dedicated team is always available to support Jongiliziwe mine with inquiries, concerns or service needs,” he adds.

Further, customised service agreements offer proactive maintenance and scheduled servicing, fostering lasting partnerships and contributing to operational success for clients, according to ELB Equipment.

The company prioritises customer safety and satisfaction by offering thorough familiarisation training for all the equipment it supplies.

Experienced trainers cover operation, maintenance, safety and troubleshooting advice during comprehensive training sessions with clients and machinery operators.

ELB Equipment highlights that hands-on demonstrations ensure practical equipment proficiency, and customised training is rendered to meet client-specific requirements.

“Our commitment to delivering high-quality products and services includes empowering customers with the knowledge to operate equipment safely and effectively,” Harding concludes.


ELB Equipment area sales manager Tracy Hugo was tasked with offering a process solution to the sand mine, which started operating during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Jongiliziwe sand mine founder and MD Retselisitsoe Mabefu convinced his fellow shareholders that the time was right to start operating the mine by all means available.

At that point, the mine could only afford a rental dozer and two drums of diesel to operate it.

After having obtained the necessary mining rights and approval from the landowner – coal miner Seriti – Mabefu set his plans in motion.

During the development of the mine and initial operations, Hugo suggested a screening solution from Powerscreen that would screen and separate organic material to produce a high-quality product from the outset.

The mine currently uses the Chieftain 2200 screen, three new Lovol loaders, a Dressta TD20M dozer and a CT75R Powerscreen radial stockpile conveyor to make loading onto trucks easier and more centralised.

Meanwhile, Hugo notes that the mine is finalising rights and permissions to expand the operation to full capacity, with ELB Equipment “standing firmly beside the mine” as its trusted equipment supplier to support it with a comprehensive range of equipment.

“Our dedicated team is committed to a long-term partnership, aiming to enhance Jongiliziwe mine's productivity and operational efficiency,” Hugo concludes.