Kpep hydroelectric project, Cameroon

5th April 2012 By: Sheila Barradas - Creamer Media Research Coordinator & Senior Deputy Editor

Name and Location
Kpep hydroelectric project, Cameroon.

The government of Cameroon.

Project Description
The project, located on the Katsina-Ala river in the Menchum division, north of the city of Bamenda (capital town of the north-west region), and near the Nigerian border, involves the construction of a hydroelectric plant with an installed capacity of more than 450 MW. Kpep is expected to boost the country’s current installed power generation capacity by at least 40%.


The project will take about six to seven years to come on stream.

Latest Developments
Energy developer Joule Africa and the government of Cameroon have entered into a memorandum of understanding for the development of the Kpep project.

Joule Africa will undertake the development with local partner Bethel Industrievertretung, of Bamenda-Cameroon, and leading European engineering firm Lahmeyer International.

Key Contracts and Suppliers
Joule Africa, Bethel Industrievertretung, and Lahmeyer International (project development).

On Budget and on Time?
Too early to state.

Contact Details for Project Information
Joule Africa chairperson Greg Newman, tel +1 925 478 4303 or email
Cameroon Cabinet of the Minister of Water Resources and Energy executive engineer Dudley Achu Sama, tel +237 2222 6833, fax +237 2222 6833/6177 or email
Bethel Industrievertretung CEO Emmanuel MudoH MbaH, tel +237 3305 1758 or