John Deere launches digital show in lieu of conferences

12th June 2020 By: Marleny Arnoldi - Creamer Media Online Writer

Agricultural equipment manufacturer John Deere sub-Saharan Africa has launched an online programme called Tech Terrain, which will bring industry experts together to share their insights on a weekly basis.

This comes in light of many major agricultural shows having been postponed or cancelled amid Covid-19, but the need remaining for John Deere to continue communicating with the agricultural community about services, products and broader industry developments.

Tech Terrain will explore several topics affecting growth and sustainability in the agricultural sector.

It will be available online from June 25 and viewers only have to register to get access to all the content.

“Our vision for Africa is to be a driver of food security, but we cannot achieve this alone and we must play a central role where we combine the knowledge and experience of different role-players in the industry, including farmers, to reach new heights.

“Technology is central to our vision to not only bring more areas into production, but also to drive productivity in existing farming operations, by increasing yields and lowering costs as much as possible,” says John Deere marketing manager Stephan Nel.

MD Jacques Taylor adds that, given the restrictions imposed by Covid-19, the company had to consider different ways of connecting with the market to continue bringing information and value to customers, as it would normally do at conferences and other face-to-face interaction events throughout the year.

The programme will be presented in English and Afrikaans, and promises to be a pioneering programme on how essential the latest technology is for the modern agricultural business, while also touching on the bigger factors influencing the industry.