Jincom EHS: Continuing their winning ways

14th June 2017

Jincom EHS: Continuing their winning ways

Earlier this year Jincom EHS reaffirmed its position as a global leader in HSE communications with their second Beaumont Safety Trophy award in two successive years.

The Beaumont Safety trophy is awarded in recognition of ‘Innovation in Health and Safety’ in the UK, and is presented by the Construction Health and Safety Group in London.

Jincom EHS serves some of the biggest industrial clients around the world such as Thames Water, PetroChina, Anglo American, Bouygues and Morgan Sindall, delivering quality animations that help support health and safety training and awareness. These industries often consist of a diverse and semi-illiterate workforce, which represent difficulties in trying to convey health and safety concerns and materials. However, Jincom’s unique approach offers a visual communication solution.

Jincom EHS writers and animators decode text-heavy material and transform it into visually-engaging media, using illustrations and 3D animations that are clear, instructional and effective. Using 3D animation for communicating health and safety concerns and instructions offers many additional benefits; for example you can:

• reconstruct real-life situations to learn from incidents by highlighting causes and controls;
• present a situation from multiple points of view by pausing and rotating to any angle; and
• animate invisible elements like sound waves.

Jincom EHS conveys complex topics in a simple, yet precise way, and in the client’s language of choice. In fact, their material has been translated into 20 different languages, ensuring that every single aspect of the message is addressed and understood.

Jincom EHS helps you to engage your frontline workforce and to keep them safe. Give this innovative studio your standard, incident report, or product design, and their specialist team will work with you to produce and transform your health and safety material into the highest quality 3D animation.