It’s a foreign threat, not management, problem

19th April 2019

Editor –

The article by Caroline Carter, titled ‘SA poultry threat – what can we do about it?’ and published on Engineering News Online in March 19, shows a lack of understanding of the problems facing the South African poultry industry.

Her solution is simple: You must compete with imports; let my management consultancy show you how to run your business properly and your difficulties will disappear.

Unfortunately, it is not that easy. South African chicken producers are among the most efficient in the world, and far more efficient than every country in the European Union (EU).

They are under threat because of the northern hemisphere’s preference for chicken breast meat. These cuts fetch premium prices and are where producers in the EU and Brazil make their profits. This leaves chicken farms in these regions with large quantities of what is known as ‘dark meat’ – mainly leg quarters, drumsticks and thighs – which are frozen in bulk and sold off to any market that will take them at any price they can get.

This is not fair competition. If predatory imports are not stopped, we will see the eventual destruction of the largest agriculture sector in the country and a significant contributor to the economy, social stability and job creation.

Francois Baird (Founder of FairPlay)