International students in Germany offered interest-free loans

18th May 2020 By: Sane Dhlamini - Creamer Media Researcher and Writer

International students in Germany offered interest-free loans

The German government has offered almost 400 000 international students, who are enrolled in German universities, an interest-free education loan programme, to ensure the continuity of their studies amid the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

Due to Covid-19, many students have lost their jobs which allowed them to finance their stay in Germany.

According to official figures from a German online portal for statistics, three out of four foreign students in Germany work throughout their studies and have had their incomes seriously affected by the pandemic.

The German Minister of Education and Research Anja Karliczek says her ministry has created a specialised portal to disseminate information from – MyGermanUniversity has been created to assist students.

MyGermanUniversity co-founder Stephan Paulini says through the initiative many South African students can continue their studies and won’t be forced to return to their home country owing to lack of funds.

South African students will be able to access the education loan, for up to 650 euros a month, from June 1.