Integrated security tech can mitigate risk

13th October 2023 By: Nadine Ramdass - Creamer Media Writer

Integrated security tech can mitigate risk

MARCEL BRUYNS Communication and collaboration are vital for increasing efficiency

Transport systems encounter challenges related to capacity, reliability, transference and integration. However, integrated surveillance technology can mitigate these risks and enhance efficiency, says security system supplier Axis Communications Africa sales manager Marcel Bruyns.

He explains that critical transport systems face threats such as theft and vandalism, poor service delivery and cyberattacks.

Bruyns emphasises that communication and collaboration are vital for increasing efficiency and resiliency in the local transport sector as well as making the sector sustainable in the long term. The public and private sectors need to collaborate to navigate challenges and achieve the best outcomes.

“Private industry stakeholders can demonstrate the potential of new technologies to help create systems for a sustainable and forward-thinking industry,” he says.

He explains that integrated surveillance technology can counter the most pressing threats by combining hardware and software to create an integrated ecosystem.

The Axis thermal and visual network cameras provide nonstop coverage of locations such as ports or highway networks. These cameras are complemented by audio devices that can act as announcement systems or deterrents.

Further, the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and AI-driven analytics has improved surveillance technology. Data can be used to better inform decision-making and optimise activities and operations. Analytics provides actionable insights, which can be used to improve safety measures and protect people and resources.

Sustainability is also a significant trend in the business world, says Bruyns.

The transportation sector can embrace sustainability by leveraging digital technologies such as cloud computing, Internet of Things, and advanced analytics. Through this, organisations can optimise operations while achieving long-term success and attracting talent.

Predictive maintenance strategies that incorporate Axis technology can also assist organisations in minimising downtime and saving on escalating costs. He adds that Axis products are built on open standards and can be integrated with numerous control system architectures.

The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of health and safety in the transport industry, says Bruyns.

He explains that network surveillance solutions played a crucial role in enforcing safety protocols and ensuring compliance.

He adds that health and safety is now a bigger priority for transport operators, and network surveillance can help enforce it.

Bruyns highlights technology such as thermal cameras, static privacy masking, and applications such as the Axis Live Privacy Shield which let operators track movements or activities while safeguarding privacy.