Integrated Pump Rental Lights The Way With Led Mobile Tower Lights

27th June 2018

Integrated Pump Rental Lights The Way With Led Mobile Tower Lights

Lighting has a crucial role to play in allowing people to see clearly and avoid obstacles, obstructions, dangers and hazards. This is especially so when working on site, making lighting a critical safety issue.

Lee Vine, managing director of Integrated Pump Rental, says better lighting also enhances productivity and in response to this demand the company recently bolstered its pump rental fleet with the inclusion of Urban LED mobile tower lights. Units are mine specific and comply with all safety requirements.

Manufactured by AllightSykes, the Urban MLLED200K-9AC mobile tower light is built to the highest quality standards ensuring reliable operation. The tower light’s power coated full steel body and galvanised hydraulic mast assembly are integrated with its maintenance free axle suspension.

The Urban MLLED200K-9AC is equipped with a nine metre mast which ensures maximum output reaches the work area for optimum productivity and safety. The 359 degree mast rotation with lightbar tilt capacity is standard. Powered by a Perkins engine, the 240 Volt AC tower light delivers 200 000 lumens through four powerful 500 Watt LED lamps.

The unit is equipped with four adjustable outriggers facilitating optimum stability in all underfoot conditions.

Leading safety innovations have been incorporated into this latest generation LED tower light, and this includes an audible voice alarm should the hand brake not be engaged, or the unit is not level. When either or both conditions are not met, the mast cannot be raised, or if it is raised it will automatically lower. These integrated features prevent the incorrect deployment of the tower light on site.

The Urban is integrated with the purpose built Smartgen ALC708 lighting tower controller. This offers effortless operation, auto start/stop capability and engine protection.

“The inclusion of the Urban tower lights in our rental fleet is a natural progression and is aimed at addressing customer needs,” Vine says. He says the tower lights are also available for purchase.

Integrated Pump Rental offers a range of pumping rental solutions all engineered to deal with the harsh operating conditions on the African continent. Options include both medium and long term turnkey rental solutions.