Integrated Pump Rental Adds Stainless Steel Submersibles To Rental Fleet

11th April 2018

Staying ahead in an industry as competitive as pump rental requires a comprehensive understanding of dewatering application requirements. It also necessitates a pump rental fleet that can meet the needs of different market sectors.

Integrated Pump Rental recently bolstered its pump rental fleet with the inclusion of a range of stainless steel submersible pumps. Managing director, Lee Vine says this was done to specifically cater for applications where there are increased levels of acidity in the water.

“Acid water drainage on mines is common today, and these extremely harsh dewatering applications require an appropriate pumping solution which is why we have added Faggiolati stainless steel slurry pumps to our rental fleet,” Vine says.

Constructed from 316 stainless steel, the Faggiolati pump is engineered to operate in extremely harsh environments including handling highly corrosive water and sludges. Significantly, these high performance pumps are able to withstand acidic water even when it contains high concentrations of metals and sulphates as well as slurries containing abrasive particles and a high content of solids.

“Dewatering, whether on surface or underground, requires absolute reliability and this has become the watchword for our pump rental fleet; all pump brands have been selected for their performance capabilities as well as their robust construction,” Vine says.

Integrated Pump Rental has an established reputation for providing fit-for-purpose dewatering solutions to its customer base, and the company operates an extensive fleet of pumps that caters for all type of application requirements. The company offers a total round-the-clock pumping solution, and takes complete responsibility for all maintenance of pumps on site. This includes the keeping of a complete maintenance record which facilitates proactive, scheduled maintenance and optimum uptime for the pump installation.

Included in the rental fleet are the well-known Grindex submersible drainage and dewatering pumps, the locally engineered and manufactured SlurrySucker dredge units, the SlurryBlaster hydro mining equipment solution and Sykes dewatering pumps