Infrastructure Africa Launches Projects Dealroom

18th April 2024

Infrastructure Africa Launches Projects Dealroom

A Revolutionary Platform for Infrastructure Investment

Infrastructure Africa, a leading African business event dedicated to fostering infrastructure development across the continent, is proud to announce the launch of the Projects Dealroom, a ground-breaking platform aimed at catalysing investment in African infrastructure projects.

The Projects Dealroom will serve as a dynamic hub where project developers, investors, financiers, and other stakeholders converge to explore, connect, and collaborate on infrastructure initiatives that are vital for Africa’s sustainable development. By facilitating transparent and efficient deal-making processes, the Dealroom aims to accelerate the implementation of critical infrastructure projects that address Africa’s pressing socio-economic needs.

With Africa’s infrastructure deficit estimated at billions of dollars annually, there is an urgent need for innovative solutions to bridge the gap. The Projects Dealroom addresses this challenge by providing a marketplace where infrastructure projects spanning sectors such as energy, transportation, water, and telecommunications can be showcased, evaluated, and funded.

Key features of Projects Dealroom include:

Commenting on the Projects Dealroom, Liz Hart, Managing Director at Infrastructure Africa, stated: “The Projects Dealroom represents a significant milestone in our efforts to mobilise investment for infrastructure development in Africa. By harnessing the power of collaboration, we aim to unlock the vast potential of infrastructure projects across the continent, driving economic growth, job creation, and sustainable development.”

Infrastructure Africa invites project developers, investors, financiers, and other stakeholders to join the Projects Dealroom and be part of Africa’s infrastructure transformation journey.