Global demand met by industry leader

23rd October 2020

Global demand met by industry leader

FAST FASTENERS TR Fastenings facility in the UK can manufacture a wide range of fasteners that can be used across a range of industries

The Covid-19 pandemic outbreak created a surge in global demand for medical equipment, with a subsequent knock-on effect being a huge demand for sheet metal fasteners, specifically for those companies producing essential equipment, including ventilators.

International fastening specialists TR Fastenings (TR) focused on being as responsive as possible to meet this demand and is now further investing in its sheet metal range to accelerate growth of this product portfolio.

The company has been leading the sheet metal fastening industry for more than 45 years, providing products to more than 5 000 global customers from 32 business locations in 18 countries.

TR Fastenings’ ability to move with the times and adopt a fast-track approach, has firmly positioned the company as a “market leader” and an internationally-known manufacturer that is flexible enough to continually adapt its range.

This latest investment sees expansion of its own Hank self-clinch fasteners and the launch of a new range of K-Series thin nuts. TR Fastenings’ facility in the UK can manufacture as small as M2 and as large as M36, which are used across a range of industry sectors.

TR Fastenings has a robust business model for large original-equipment manufacturers and small and medium-sized enterprises. Moreover, the company provides a competitive advantage through flexible pricing, volumes and short-lead times with the capability to source raw materials locally. The locally sourced raw materials allow for faster production times to meet demand.

There are many application challenges within the sheet metal industries and TR Fastenings can offer fastener testing capabilities across mechanical, dimensional, installation, and plating and finishes. TR Fastenings supplies sheet metal products for pressing, riveting or welding during manufacturing or assembly processes.