Industry 4.0 the main focus at KITE

19th July 2019 By: Khutso Maphatsoe - journalist

Industry 4.0 the main focus at KITE

INFORMATION OVERLOAD The SAIMechE Seminar Theatre will have speaking slots during which various Industry 4.0 topics will be discussed

The KwaZulu-Natal Industrial Technology Exhibition (KITE) – which will be held at the Durban Exhibition Centre on July 24 to 26, 2019 – continues to adopt an increased focus on Industry 4.0, particularly its impact on the market and manufacturing, says event organiser Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery event director Nick Sarnadas.

The focus of this year’s expo will be on trends and includes welcoming new exhibitors who embrace Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things. It will also include solutions that will have a positive influence on visiting companies and exhibitors.

“We have added the Artisan Training Institute (ATI) Skills Zone to the expo. Developed in partnership with the ATI, the skills development area is a fully functional workshop where learners demonstrate their trade skills learned at ATI that are relevant to the industries represented at the show,” says Sarnadas.

He adds that there will be about 145 suppliers and manufacturers of industrial technology who are enthusiastic about sharing their expertise, knowledge and solutions. Highly experienced in their respective fields of business, they will also provide live demonstrations at their stands and discuss workable solutions.

The networking opportunities provided by KITE create a platform that will drive transformation in the region across a number of market sectors that include manufacturing, transportation, maritime, agriculture, mining, aeronautics, automotive, services, chemicals and petrochemicals, food and beverage, packaging and print, as well as construction and general industry, he explains.

The expo will feature additional speaking slots at the SAIMechE Seminar Theatre, where topics will aim to create more awareness around Industry 4.0, and provide visitors with information on trends in technology and legislation.

“This free-to-attend learning hub is always well attended and past delegates have capitalised on the opportunity to bring themselves up to speed with important developments in the market.”

Further, the Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association will host its special interest group at the Seminar Theatre on July 25, with the theme Data Matters: Triple Vision – Hindsight, Insight and Foresight, he adds.

Sarnadas highlights that the paid-for Lifting Equipment Engineering Association of South Africa one-day conference will take place on July 24 and will cover relevant trends and technology in the lifting industry.

KITE offers visitors the opportunity to source and secure the industrial technology they need to increase productivity, enhance operations and build sustainability, all under one roof in a targeted and effective manner, he adds.

Meanwhile, Sarnadas tells Engineering News that KITE has seen its long-standing exhibitors stepping up to the plate in terms of gearing up for Industry 4.0.

Exhibitors have refined their technology and service offerings to enable clients to benefit from the move into a more digitalised arena. The exhibition continues to attract new exhibitors who see the benefits of being able to quickly and easily engage with their target markets.

In addition, KITE believes that its exhibitors are all purveyors of best-of-breed industrial technology products and services.

Sarnadas mentions that the exhibitors have kept pace with technological advancements and, in some cases, are actually pioneers in their line of business.

“The expo is also delighted that new companies continue to join the ranks of KITE exhibitors,” he concludes.