Icasa reviews call termination regulations

11th June 2021 By: Natasha Odendaal - Creamer Media Senior Deputy Editor

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) is reviewing the wholesale voice call termination market and the pro-competitive conditions or measures imposed on relevant licensees.

Following the start of the review and request for information through a questionnaire at the end of May, as well as the clarifying workshop held on June 11, the authority aims to review the market in four phases.

“The process we are undertaking will take place in four phases and stakeholder participation is very key in this regard. We urge all interested stakeholders to provide as much information as possible on the published questionnaire, currently available on the Icasa website, and to ensure they participate in the ensuing processes. We depend upon your participation to make the proper determinations in the public interest,” said Icasa councillor Dr Charley Lewis.

The questionnaire aims to obtain information that could be used by Icasa, along with other research initiatives, including a benchmarking exercise, to develop and publish a discussion document in phase two of the review.

Icasa may then host public hearings, should it be deemed necessary, before publishing a summary of its findings.

The entire review process is expected to be completed with the publication of the findings document by March 2022.

Icasa is undertaking this review process in terms of Section 67(8)(a) of the Electronic Communications Act, which provides that where the authority undertakes a review of the pro-competitive conditions imposed on one or more licensees under this subsection, the authority must review the market determinations made based on earlier analysis and decide whether to modify the pro-competitive conditions set by reference to a market determination.