Hydrogen 2024: Implementation crucial going forward

12th April 2024 By: Creamer Media Reporter

Hydrogen 2024: Implementation crucial going forward

Green hydrogen is prominent on the global agenda for creating a cleaner, greener future. The element holds the potential to unlock a new epoch in energy. Unlike conventional fossil fuels, the combustion of hydrogen yields only water vapour and heat as by-products, positioning green hydrogen, produced using renewable energy, as a powerful player in the race to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.

The momentum behind the fuel is strong, and South Africa is very well positioned to produce it. However, it will need to reinforce its supply position in the next two to three years if it wants to be a global green hydrogen supplier that helps meet an exponentially growing demand outlook beyond 2030. It will thus need to shift the focus from mere discussions to the implementation of practical solutions.

Creamer Media’s ‘Hydrogen 2024’ report considers the demand and supply of hydrogen, production technologies in the sector, and the investment therein. It also examines the trade of hydrogen, which is still in its infancy, and how African countries could be highly competitive in supplying green hydrogen for local and global consumption.

This research draws from material published over the past 12 months and is a summary of sources of information published in Engineering News and Mining Weekly, as well as of other information available in the public domain.

This report does not purport to provide an analysis of market trends. The information in this report is correct as of March 2024.