Hitachi Energy celebrates its Diversity 360 in Southern Africa

7th March 2022

In celebration of International Women’s Day (IWD) on 8 March, global technology leader Hitachi Energy is highlighting Diversity 360, its promise to create a brilliant employee experience, to attract and retain people, welcome and embrace differences, and create a workplace where everyone can be at their best. This aims to ensure that diversity and inclusion are at the core of the company’s long-term business success. Hitachi Energy's diversity of thought is key to its culture of great innovation. Here Hitachi Energy showcases three ladies who have made some great efforts in driving new business models, new ways of thinking, and new ways of working within their respective environments at the company.

Nerissa Swanepoel, Business Environmental Health and Safety Specialist Southern Africa, believes that the company has made fantastic progress towards gender inclusion. She adds that her appointment is a true example of Hitachi Energy’s commitment of diversity goals in a very male-dominated environment. “My goal was to go the extra mile so that today I can celebrate my achievements in reaching my study goals in record time,” says Nerissa.

Her greatest professional achievement has been the opportunity afforded her at Hitachi Energy, where she is extremely humbled and thankful to work with so many talented women and men. “Every day is a new opportunity for growth.” While Nerissa has various interests outside of work that she pursues, in reference to gender equality, she regards her greatest achievement as maintaining a successful work-life balance to ensure her family is comfortable while she excels at her career.

Project Controller Mahlatse Mosima Shai is a shining example of Hitachi Energy’s Diversity 360 vision in action. Responsible for two business units, namely the High Voltage and the Transformers business, she says her professional success has been exponential over the three years she has been at the company. Mahlatse says that Hitachi Energy has given women the platform to be themselves and express themselves through their work. “Yes, it is work in progress. However, I believe we are treated fairly and have been given equal rights in the workplace.”

Project Manager Faith Thandokazi Magobolo, who works within the High Voltage business, says that while initiatives like IWD 2022 are important, the mindset fostered by Hitachi Energy’s Diversity 360 vision must be a daily lived reality. “I am proud to have been allowed to make my voice heard.”

Faith’s advice to young women contemplating a similar career path is simply to hold their heads high. She also stresses that young women need to empower themselves through education. This allows women to always be able to bring ideas to the table and to think out of the box. “At the end of the day, you are the master of your destiny.”

Hitachi Energy believes having diverse perspectives in a collaborative environment allows people to express their authentic selves. Only then can we create the right environment for the innovation our customers need to co-create the future of sustainable energy.

The Hitachi Energy Diversity 360 framework is incorporated into all that they do as an organisation – from how they lead, with the creation of their unique leadership pillars, to how they learn with their ‘learn anywhere, anytime’ platform, to policies, practices, and programs, all the way to business strategies such as their commitment to several of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, including placing people front and centre and acknowledging the critical role played by diversity and inclusion.