Haulage company offers discounted rates

20th April 2018 By: Paige Müller - Creamer Media Reporter

Haulage company offers discounted rates

LONG-LENGTH LOADS Transcon Haulers demonstrates its long-length load capability

Standard and specialised load transportation company Transcon Hauliers is offering a haulage discount rate on specific national routes in South Africa.

“The special rates offering is aimed at maximising fleet productivity by securing useful loads for return journeys, for trailers that would otherwise return empty. We believe that these discounted rates will represent a win for us and our clients,” says Transcon Hauliers MD Kyle Kleiner.

The Johannesburg-based company’s discount, first implemented in mid-March, applies to large and abnormal cargo awaiting road transportation from Port Elizabeth, Cape Town and Durban to Johannesburg. The offer is specifically aimed at heavy machinery, overhead cranes, crane test weights and awkwardly shaped loads.

Kleiner explains that, while the offer is currently limited to specific routes, the company is aiming to extend the offer to cities outside the main port areas in the coming months. The company would like to see the offer extend to all empty trailers travelling nationwide in the near future.

Transcon has also established a notification system among existing clients. The system notifies clients when there are empty trailers that may present a discounted rate. The company hopes that this notification system will aid in expanding the discounted offer.

Kleiner emphasises that the company “guarantees safe and efficient load transportation, with all loads having the necessary insurances and well-maintained fleets that reduce downtime, thereby saving clients even more money”.

Transport Logistics and Equipment

Kleiner says Transcon understands clients’ need for transportation security and speed. Owing to this, it offers an efficient and fully secure service, with real-time tracking on all vehicles and an optional escort service throughout the journey.

He outlines that clients can expect deliveries to all major ports to take about two to three working days. He further states that the company offers insurance of up to R500 000 for each load, which can be increased. Secure temporary storage is also offered for loads at Transcon’s offices in Germiston, Gauteng, he explains.

The company’s fleet comprises 22wheeler horse and low-bed trailer sets, extendable trailers and specialised, steerable dollies to manage over-length freight.

“Loads of 20 ft and 40 ft shipping containers and large machinery of similar sizes are routine cargos for Transcon. We also use extendable low-beds for large machinery of up to 30 t.”

The company demonstrated its long-length load capability during a recent project that involved the transportation of twin steel crane girders each measuring 35 m in length. The abnormal load was successfully transported over the 4 185 km between Johannesburg and Kitwe, in Zambia, without incident.

The company says it has also significantly streamlined its logistical efficiency, eliminating the need to wait several days for provincial transport permits, which, according to Kleiner, previously caused occasional delays on trans-provincial journeys between the Western and Eastern Cape.

“Transport is now dispatched immediately, while the necessary permits are organised during the first leg of the journey and couriered to reach the vehicles in time for their arrival at the next provincial border,” explains Kleiner.

He states that demand for Transcon’s domestic haulages have increased by between 35% and 40% in the past financial year and that the company will continue to provide turnkey hauling solutions for clients.