Harmony Gold renewable-energy projects, South Africa – update

17th November 2023 By: Sheila Barradas - Creamer Media Research Coordinator & Senior Deputy Editor

Harmony Gold renewable-energy projects, South Africa – update

Name of the Project
Harmony Gold renewable-energy projects.

The first phase of the project will be located in Welkom, in the Free State, South Africa.

Project Owner/s
Harmony Gold Mining Company.

Project Description
As part of its decarbonisation strategy and journey towards carbon net zero, Harmony is accelerating the expansion and roll-out of numerous renewable-energy projects across South Africa.

Phase 1 comprises a 30 MW solar energy plant. The company built three 10 MW plants at its Tshepong, Eland and Nyala operations. The plants are expected to deliver 68 GWh to Harmony’s mining operations, when fully operational, and mitigate 62 000 t/y of carbon dioxide equivalent. The project will provide a cost saving of R340-million over 15 years.

In Phase 2, an additional 137 MW of renewable photovoltaic energy, to generate 318 GWh of clean power, will be installed at one of Harmony’s longer-life mines (Moab Khotsong), to deliver R425-million a year in electricity cost savings at first production. A gatekeeping review in January 2023 approved construction of a 100 MW solar PV plant. The balance of 37 MW will be built under a power purchase agreement.

In Phase 3, Harmony plans to add an additional 56 MW of renewable energy. The project is expected to reduce Harmony’s carbon emissions by 1.17-million tonnes.

Total cumulative savings over 15 years, once Phase 3 is operational, is estimated at a net present value of R3.6-billion.

Potential Job Creation
Not stated.

Capital Expenditure
Phase 1 will be done through PPA and, thus, Harmony capital will not be used.

The roll-out of Phase 2 is expected to cost about R1.7-billion for the first 100 MW, with the remaining 37 MW allocated to an independent power producer (IPP).

Phase 3 will not require any capital, as the plants will be build and operated by IPPs.

Planned Start/End Date
Phase 1 was commissioned in May 2023.

Phase 2 is expected to reach full production in the 2025 financial year.

Phase 3 is planned for completion in the 2026 financial year.

Latest Developments
All required environmental approvals have been received for Phase 2 and the detailed designs and procurement processes are in progress.

A request for proposal to acquire 56 MW of solar power for Phase 3 is in progress. Negotiations are also under way with preferred service providers about wheeling (over the Eskom network) another 140 MW of wind-generated energy to augment the phase 1 and 2 initiatives with 194 GWh of clean power.

Key Contracts, Suppliers and Consultants
Harmony, Energy Group and BBEnergy (Phase 1 construction).

Contact Details for Project Information
Harmony Gold Mining Company group communications manager Sihle Maake, tel +27 11 411 2312 or email sihle.maake@harmony.co.za
Harmony Gold Mining Company head of investor relations Jared Coetzer, tel +27 11 411 6073 or email jared.coetzer@harmony.co.za.