Green awareness facilitates product uptake

15th June 2018 By: Tasneem Bulbulia - Creamer Media Reporter

Green awareness facilitates product uptake

MICHAEL BERG Den Braven believes in providing the best solutions and products that contribute to a healthier and greener environment

There has been an increase in the number of green projects in the country, which is an indication that South Africans are becoming more conscious of sustainability for the future, says sealant technology provider Den Braven Sealants national sales and marketing manager Michael Berg.

He posits that the international media has become a “mouthpiece” for sustainability research groups globally that are championing greener sustainable living methods, owing to the rapid depletion of natural resources and the lack of general and landfill space available.

Berg says this increased green consciousness has created opportunities to educate the consumer on the benefits of SPUR technology, compared with the old redundant technology. SPUR technology is based on green future technology, which provides sustainability and longevity.

Berg explains that SPUR stands for silane or silylated polyurethane. SPUR sealants are formulated to have the combined strength of polyurethanes with the weathering resistance of silicones. For specific applications, both the polymer and the formulation can be tailored and designed to create specific product performances. SPUR sealants have high performance properties.

“We have engaged in continuous training campaigns through various platforms to reach our target market to change perceptions regarding the buying of new technological advanced products which are hassle free, clean, and easy to use and apply.”

Berg notes that the biggest challenge in executing this has been changing the mindsets of users and redirecting them to advanced, greener sealant technologies.

Den Braven has been mitigating this through continuous end-user and retailer training, as well as on-site assistance and applicator training.

“Den Braven believes in providing the best solutions and products that contribute to a healthier and greener environment.”

Green Supply

Den Braven distributes a comprehensive range of sealants and adhesives that contain “far less” than the minimum requirements of the Green Building Council of South Africa for a volatile organic content level of less than 250 g/ℓ for architectural sealants.

“Den Braven Sealants imports a range of sealants and adhesives to meet every solution for the do-it-yourself (DIY) and industrial markets. Some of our industrial markets include construction, glass, plumbing, fenestration, automotive, manufacturing and industrial. We contribute by providing low volatile organic-content products for these industries, thereby lowering the overall volatile organic content of the project or product.”

The company offers the neutral cure Silicone-NO, 795-4000 Structural Silicone, hybrid expansion join sealants (Hybriflex 540), High Tack adhesive and professional acrylic sealants. The company also offers a range of certified and approved fire protectant sealants and accessories. The polyurethane foam and sealants have successfully been used on several projects in South Africa for passive fire protection.

Berg highlights that the Hybriflex 540 joint sealant, based on SPUR technology, is nonbubbling, making it suitable for use throughout the day. It is isocyanate-free and contains no silicones or solvents, also making it environment friendly. It can also be used safely on and around natural stone products and mirrors.

The High Tack adhesive, based on MS technology, has a true instant tack capability of fixing weights of up to 20 kg securely and immediately. This product, therefore, negates having to drill, use nails or mechanically support objects that weigh less than 20 kg. It is suitable for many applications in the DIY arena, as well as use on construction sites.

“This product will hopefully set a trend that other manufacturers will aspire to copy and simplify users’ life – no more messy drilling and plugs required.”