Grain conveyor solution system offered

15th March 2019

Heavy lift forklift supplier BLT World offers dependable solutions for specific problems at the transfer points of conveyor systems in bulk materials handling, such as grain in the food and beverage industry.

“ScrapeTec Trading’s German-engineered products have been specially developed for the prevention of dust formation and material spill, and for more efficient belt cleaning at critical sections along the conveyor route and transfer points,” says BLT World MD Ken Mouritzen.

He states that AirScrape, DustScrape and SpeedScrape systems, which are easy to assemble and operate, form an important part of the company’s custom-designed solutions service, to meet exact bulk material conveyor project requirements.

“Correct installation of suitable equipment ensures cost efficiency, optimum performance and safety, reduced risk of breakdown and extended service life of the conveyor system. “The DustScrape dust filter system, which is used in conjunction with the contact-free AirScrape conveyor belt skirting system, provides an effective, energy-free dust emission prevention solution,” he explains.

The compact and lightweight system complies with most new dust prevention guidelines and prevents health and safety issues on site. It also minimises pro- duct loss, by effectively preventing material from being blown into the surrounding environment.

DustScrape comprises a durable filtering cloth that is installed above the conveyor belt to retain dust particles, while remaining permeable to circulating air. This long-lasting filter cloth is available with different qualities for specific applications, such as grain transfer.

The DustScrape system comprises a filter cloth, support arches and skirts, arms to hold the system above the belt and a rubber curtain to eliminate further dust development – all sized to specific requirements. It is easy to install and can be retrofitted to existing conveyors for continuous or periodic operation.

Selection of the correct AirScrape size depends on the loading width of the conveyor belt and the required load-free zone of the belt edges. The AirScrape conveyor belt skirting system is installed above the load-free zone and generates the air-intake from outside into the system. The generated airflow from above the conveyed material then gets filtered through the filter cloth, retaining any dust particles which are redeposited back into the material flow.