Government calls on local PPE suppliers to reach out to procurement office

8th April 2020 By: Donna Slater - Creamer Media Staff Writer and Photographer

The National Treasury, in support of the Department of Trade, Industry, and Competition, is asking all compliant, particularly local, suppliers providing personal protective equipment (PPE) to direct their offers to the project management office set up for this purpose.

The South African health sector, in particular, is in short supply of critical PPE required by healthcare workers on the frontline of treating suspected and confirmed cases of Covid-19, to keep them safe and uninfected.

Items in urgent need include disposable aprons, protective surgical gowns, protective eyewear, surgical gloves, overshoes, protective hoods, biohazard bags, ventilators, venturi masks and clinical alcohol-based cleaning disinfectants.

The submissions will be assessed by the support team responsible for coordinating the process, exclusively for the identified commodities.

Detailed information should be provided for the required items and submitted through email to

The submission should include the suppliers name, company registration, central supplier database number and an indication of products that can be supplied.

The National Treasury continues to advise suppliers to be vigilant during this time and not to submit their information to would-be scammers. In this regard, suppliers are advised to always first verify with relevant departments before supplying any goods.

The submission through this process does not in any manner or form waive the requirements for compliance outlined in the central supplier database.