Gold One mine: Situation tense as police fire rubber bullets at protesting AMCU workers

13th November 2023 By: News24Wire

The situation remains tense at Gold One mine in Springs, with police firing rubber bullets and teargas at protesting AMCU workers.

Workers affiliated with AMCU have been gathering at the mine since Sunday night, demanding a date for their union to be officially recognised as the majority union.

Police also confiscated cars belonging to some protesters, and it is alleged that workers threw a petrol bomb in the direction of police, but it did not explode. 

Earlier on Monday morning, police had also fired rubber bullets at protesters. The workers fled to the nearby Skoonplaas informal settlement, but later regrouped and chanted AMCU slogans near the main entrance to the mine, where police formed a human shield to keep them out.

"We were here since Sunday evening attempting to speak to the management," a miner who did not want to be indentified said.

"Things changed in the morning when police suddenly opened fire on us. We fled to Skoonplaas. Several of our members were arrested," he added.

"We demand the employer to allow us to go and vote. We want AMCU to be recognised as the majority union."

AMCU claims that it has more members than their rival, the National Union of Mineworkers.

Police remained on guard outside the mine near vehicles belonging to some striking workers.

Last month, the mine suspended operations after some workers staged a sit-in underground.

The police and NUM later claimed that some AMCU members had taken their colleagues hostage underground, including security guards and paramedics.

Some workers walked out after three days due to hunger.