Global Award Winning Forex Broker Brings Elite Team To South Africa

8th May 2017

London, The United Kingdom 8 May 2017 The award winning global Forex broker; ForexTime Limited (FXTM) will be hosting a series of educational seminars and workshops as a result of record growth and a high demand for Forex Trading in South Africa. After acquiring their FSB licence in July 2016, they have seen registrations grow by 70% from Q4 2016 to Q1 2017.

The presentations and training will be conducted by the highly acclaimed Andreas Thalassinos Head of Education for FXTM.  Thalassinos is regarded as one of the world’s leading authorities on Forex Trading.  The presentations will initially be held in Sandton on May 20, 24, 25 and 26 and in Gateway Durban on May 21.
Martin Lamming, Head of Global Marketing for FXTM says “We are really looking forward to working in South Africa, as we have seen great interest in Forex trading in this region. One of the company’s key value propositions is education, because we believe that the need for training on the subject of currency trading is a non-negotiable. We want to support our clients with quality education to ensure that they become successful traders”.

FXTM currently operates in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Europe. Lamming says” our aim is to provide education that is customised to local markets and to provide services that are applicable and appropriate in each region. In addition to our workshops and seminars we also provide traders with Webinars, articles and eBooks, and unlike many other brokers in South Africa, our training programmes are free. This underscores our commitment to ensuring a trader has the best possible chance to be successful”.
In addition to the educational seminars, Jameel Ahmad, FXTM’s well respected and sought after VP of Corporate Development and Market Research, will be doing a series of media interviews to provide insights on the topic of the global currency market and trends. “South Africans are well suited to currency trading because they are acutely aware of the role that currencies play in their economy.

The volatility of the rand remains a hot-topic to locals, and being provided with the right level of education towards understanding how the currency markets operate, will help develop potential traders. South Africa is a unique and dynamic market and I look forward to providing insights from a global perspective” says Ahmad.
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