Generator company awarded second energy contract

17th April 2020 By: Halima Frost - Reporter

Generator company awarded second  energy contract

ENERGY SUPPLEMENT Pharmaceutical firms can power their manufacturing plant using Himoinsa’s rental options

Power solutions provider HIMOINSA Southern Africa was awarded a substantial power supply contract for an international pharmaceuticals manufacturing facility, based in South Africa, which will be the second project of its kind in the pharmaceutical sector for the company this year.

Awarded in February, the contract entails the supply of three power plants, with a total package installed capacity of 12 MVA in 6.01 m length containerised diesel generator set (gensets) units, complete with containerised MV switchgear substations at 22 kV feeding into the client’s substations.

“The plants have the capacity to run the entire operation, subsequently enabling the client to continue producing as per normal,” says HIMOINSA Southern Africa MD Martin Foster.

He adds that the system will be fully integrated with the company’s existing supervisory control and data acquisition system, which allows for remote monitoring and assessment of the plant.

Foster tells Engineering News that, during the current Covid-19 lockdown period, HIMOINSA Southern Africa technicians and service teams will be on hand, continuing to provide essential services’ and essential goods, “with particular emphasis on provision of critical services, such as for our clients in sectors including healthcare and food manufacturing”.

Meanwhile, HIMOINSA was also awarded a contract for a pharmaceuticals manufacturer in January this year, which entailed the provision of two 1 270 kVA, 6.01 m long containerised diesel gensets.

Combined, these gensets generate about 2.5 MVA of power at 400 V. The supply also included the installation of low-voltage cables from the gensets to the client’s main distribution system.

The client is successfully running the power plant during loadshedding and/or utility interruptions. “The diesel plant is sufficient to run the client’s entire production process,” states Foster.

Additional services include a standard maintenance plan, as well as the on-site delivery of diesel for the generators.

Foster points out that the flexibility of the HIMOINSA Southern Africa turnkey solutions is of significant benefit to its clients. “We are in the unique position of being able to provide scalable rental and sales solutions, or a combination of the two. Backed up with original equipment manufacturer support and service provision.”

He adds that although the supply of gensets in South Africa generally sees an uptick in business during power-crisis periods, which is currently the case in the country, the company does not rely on these periods.

“We service business-critical industries that cannot afford to be affected by any downtime,” outlines Foster, adding that HIMOINSA offers complete functionality solutions for such industries.