Gas filtration prevents corrosion in plant components

15th July 2016 By: Kimberley Smuts - Creamer Media Reporter

Gas filtration prevents  corrosion in plant components

AIR FILTRATION FIGHTS CORROSION Corrosion in the petrochemicals industry is fostered by the presence of acidic, caustic and oxidising gases

Air, gas and liquid filtration company Freudenberg Filtration Technologies explains that petrochemicals facilities are extremely corrosive environments. Therefore, an oil refinery commissioned Freudenberg’s Viledon ChemControl recirculation system and the Viledon ChemControl deep-bed pressurisation unit late last year for the scrubbing of gaseous contaminants in ambient air.

The filtered air was used to provide positive pressurisation for two substations that house electronic components controlling production processes at the refinery.

To prevent the risk of failure of the computer control systems during the production process, which tend to be extremely corrosive at petrochemicals facilities, Freudenberg provides dry scrubbing gas phase filtration solutions to prevent corrosion.

Corrosion is fostered by the presence of acidic, caustic and oxidising gases amid high humidity and high temperatures. High or variable humidity and contaminant mixtures might also accelerate corrosive effects.

Freudenberg’s Viledon ChemControl system incorporating small purple and black pellet gas phase filtration media is designed to protect sensitive equipment, which ensures that production runs smoothly.

The recirculation system is typically installed in a room housing sensitive electronics and it recirculates the air that might be contaminated when personnel enter and leave the room.

The deep-bed pressurisation system can provide air that is lost in the heating ventilation and air-conditioning process for an air-conditioning system or directly pressurise the room using filtered and scrubbed ambient air.

“The success of the Viledon ChemControl technology cannot be disputed and it is an essential preventive measure ensuring smooth manufacturing processes,” asserts Freudenberg sub-Saharan Africa gas phase filtration market segment manager Pooven Naidoo.

Freudenberg supplies the media within the Viledon ChemControl system that use activated carbon and potassium permanganate- impregnated activated alumina to permanently remove toxic and hazardous gases in airstreams. This is achieved through chemisorption, a process during which the media adsorbs gaseous contaminants, similar to how a sponge adsorbs water.

Freudenberg’s Viledon ChemControl recirculation system and the Viledon ChemControl deep-bed pressurisation unit are used extensively in the protection of electronics against corrosion in rack rooms, control rooms and motor control centres. Other applications include odour control, compressor intake filtration and wastewater treatment.

Naidoo points out that Freudenberg filtration systems can be manufactured to any specification and are adaptable to a variety of constraints that an end-user might face: “We can purpose-build a system that will fit while still achieving the required air quality.”

The company boasts numerous successful installations across the petrochemicals, pulp and paper, food and beverage, iron and steel, mining and pharmaceuticals industries. It is continuously expanding its market and product bases through technology and the development of new products and services dictated by the markets.

“Leading compressor companies recommend Freudenberg systems to the consumer and, in many cases, use the systems to enhance warranties. “Compressors are essential to the manufacturing processes as electronic process control and corrosion damage, coupled with downtime costs, can be exorbitant,” he says.

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies focuses on single-source preferred suppliers of complete, engineered solutions to provide clean air for its global customer base.