Garnet Basson

20th May 2022

Garnet Basson

Garnet Basson, COO of The Capital Hotels & Apartments

Full Name: Garnet Basson

Position and Company Name: COO of The Capital Hotels & Apartments

Main Activity of the Company: The Capital Hotels & Apartments is a hybrid hotel group (with fully serviced apartments) in the leisure and corporate markets. We have a national footprint in key locations

Date and Place of Birth: January 18, 1978, Cape Town

Education: National diplomas in human resources and hospitality management

First Job: Waiter at Pannarottis

Size of First Pay Packet: R3 000 a month

Career Path to Date: After two years in the restaurant industry, I worked for Starwood as operations manager for five years, for Relais and Chateux Grande Roche Hotel as GM for five years, for Three Cities as regional operations manager for two years, for Intercontinental Hotels as GM for three years, and for The Capital Hotels & Apartments as operations director for two years, later becoming COO, a position I have held for the past six years

Value of Assets under Your Control: About R2-billion

Number of People under Your Leadership: 1 100

Management Style: Motivational, results-driven and culture-focused leadership. No Business will succeed without a value system and a strong company culture. I allow people to show off their skills and knowledge for the good of the business. Staff will amaze you when you remove micromanagement and allow them to contribute to the bigger picture while you guide them along

Personal Best Achievement: Being the father of two incredible children

Person Who Has Had the Biggest Influence on Your Life: My parents, Denton and Margie Basson

Person Who Has Had the Biggest Influence on Your Career: Marc Wachsberger, our MD

Person You Would Most Like to Meet: Tiger Woods and Jeff Bezos

Businessperson Who Has Impressed You Most: Elon Musk and Phil Knight

Philosophy of Life: You have one chance at life, so live each day with purpose, impact on people’s lives in a positive way, spend time with your loved ones and make memories

Biggest Ever Opportunity: Being retrenched in 2010 and starting all over again. I learnt the toughest life lessons and became a humble young businessperson

Biggest Ever Disappointment: The way South Africa scores ‘own goals’ – this country has the potential for greatness, yet we continue to create so many areas of concern instead of leading and improving to make this country better

Hope For the Future: To continue to contribute to the growth of The Capital Hotels & Apartments and to ensure the development of the incredible people who wake up each day to add value to the success of our business. Personally, I hope that I can continue to provide for my family and see the people closest to me become even better than what they are today

Favourite Reading: Good to Great, by Jim C Collins – it’s the best business book. Currently, I’m reading The Jersey, by Peter Bills, a book about the All Blacks team culture

Favourite TV Programme: Billions and sport

Favourite Food/Drink: Italian and a traditional braai, as well as whiskeys from around the world

Favourite Music: Commercial latest hits, dance and club hits, and deep house

Favourite Sport: Rugby, cricket and football

Hobbies: Boating and golf

Car: BMW X5

Pets: Three miniature Schnauzers

Miscellaneous Dislikes: Uncontrolled arrogance and ego that affect others

Married: To Andrea

Children: Hayley, 14; Matthew, 11