New technology optimises manufacturing process

23rd September 2016 By: Simone Liedtke - Writer

New technology             optimises manufacturing process

CLEAR-SPAN MARQUEE An example of a clear-span marquee, with clear spaces between the vertical columns
Photo by: Speed Structures

Cape Town-based aluminium-frame structure manufacturer Speed Structures is adapting skill sets to enhance adaptability of temporary structures for a variety of applications, such as military, warehousing and agriculture, as well as the traditional event, exhibition and festival industry.

The company aims to achieve international benchmarks for manufacturing marquee structures using clear-span technology to manufacture its structures. Clear span structures are A-frame-type buildings, consisting of vertical columns on the outer edges of the structure and clear spaces between the columns.

Speed Structures is manufacturing a 50 m × 120 m marquee for the rental industry and recently completed the construction of a cathedral-style structure with a centre apex of 8 m. “This is truly one of our more spectacular creations, adapting the use of existing components and giving users or guests the flexibility of use; for example, vertical framing and the attractive factor of a high-vaulted ceiling for events,” says Speed Structures managing member Richard Downing.

The marquees range from 3 m wide up to 50 m wide and can be adapted for various heights including double volume and dual story.

He states that Speed Structures uses between 10 t and 20 t of 6061T6 extruded structural aluminium every month and completely relies on aluminium, especially for the extruded components, which support the polyvinyl chloride covering. Speed Structures sources its aluminium from local aluminium extruders and agents.

“Our speciality is the design and creation of adaptable structures for a diverse range of applications, such as temporary warehousing, storage units and indoor horse arenas,” concludes Downing.