Forklift equipment supplier invests R45m in STR fleet

16th August 2019

Forklift equipment supplier Criterion Equipment has embarked on a short-term rental (STR) fleet renewal programme for materials handling equipment manufacturer TCM – encompassing a R45-million investment in new forklifts.

Criterion Equipment is the exclusive distributor of TCM forklift trucks in Southern Africa.

“Through this initiative, we will replace older machines that have reached the end of their economic useful life, with new machines. The substantial investment in the renewal of our STR fleet demonstrates our commitment to providing our customers with a comprehensive range of reliable machines, enhanced by dependable support,” explains Criterion Equipment MD Brenton Kemp.

He adds that Criterion Equipment has recognised a growing trend in the industry towards the STR option, as a more affordable and convenient alternative to purchasing new equipment, as was previously the case. For this reason, further investments for the development of its rental business will be made.

By ensuring maximum uptime of the fleet, customers are able to focus on their core business, while the Criterion Equipment team takes care of the company’s materials handling requirements.

“Our STR business provides solutions for customers’ STR needs, through daily, weekly and monthly contracts. In fact, this system suits many companies so well that they extend their month-to-month contracts for years at a time.”

Kemp explains that there are many financial benefits associated with STR for customers, including greater flexibility by limiting capital expenditure and cash outlay for intermittent materials handling requirements.

Customers can use their banking facilities in favour of financing their core business activities, as opposed to investing in capital equipment. He adds that the STR programme also suits companies with short-term or seasonal requirements and those looking to increase its materials handling capacity for limited duration periods.

“We currently have over 600 units in our STR fleet, with capacities ranging between 1.8 t and 10 t. “All machines are supplied fully and supported by branches and dealers throughout the country, which offer a repair and maintenance facility as well as delivery and collection services.”

The fleet comprises all models of TCM forklift trucks, covering most forklift classes. These include internal combustion counter-balance trucks, electric counter-balance trucks, reach trucks, powered pallet trucks and rough terrain forklifts. Mast configurations vary from standard, two stage, 3 m masts to high-reach, three stage masts.

Further, Kemp notes that, as part of the renewal programme, machines being flushed out from the fleet will be sold into the used-equipment market in their current condition – or alternatively, as partially or fully refurbished units.

In the current market, “where there is increased demand for used-forklift trucks, refurbished TCM machines – known for high-performance and cost-efficiency – are being well received”.

Additionally, Criterion Equipment’s national workshop facilities, which stock original TCM replacement parts, are equipped with the latest equipment to guarantee every refurbished machine adheres to original manufacturer standards.

Kemp concludes that the TCM range is designed for high efficiency, safe operation, low maintenance requirements and extended service life. The machines are used in diverse industries, including warehousing and logistics, manufacturing, packaging, agriculture, construction, mining and general industry.