FMSA Waste Management & Recycling

25th September 2020

FMSA Waste Management & Recycling

FMSA Waste Management & Recycling provides a holistic waste collection solution, consolidating various waste management disciplines into a single complete, sustainable and environment-friendly offering. 

With its One Solution turnkey approach, FMSA focusses on providing a zero-cost waste management solution to reduce and control waste and waste-removal expenses. 

FMSA specialises in on-site waste management suitable for any type or size of business. FMSA identifies key waste streams, sorts, recycles and manages all waste to ensure a pristine waste management area, while also reducing costs.  

A permanent FMSA official is allocated to each site, to sort on-site waste and arrange collections and removals. Rebates received from sorted recyclables and steel are used to offset and reduce a company’s waste management costs by up to 40%.

FMSA designs customised waste management strategies tailored to a company’s needs and provides a dedicated account manager to conduct monthly health and safety inspections. 

In addition, clients receive a detailed monthly waste removal and environment-impact report. 

FMSA has 22 sites across Gauteng, servicing a range of clients, including: 

Affiliated to a number of industry-leading organisations, FMSA works closely with strategic partners to leverage the latest research and solutions in waste removal and waste management.

FMSA proudly supports Green Deeds Recycling (GDR).  GDR’s Buy-Back Centres in Brentwood Park, Benoni and Waltloo, Pretoria supports street waste pickers by creating jobs and growing skills in this sector. FMSA fully supports the upliftment and education of the street waste pickers, providing basic education and life skills coaching, which is critical for the recycling and waste management sector. 

These facilities allow households, schools and small business to recycle waste for cash. 

The Brentwood facility boasts an eco-café, constructed of recycled materials, where clients can enjoy refreshments while waiting for recyclables to be sorted and weighed.